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Considerations when choosing self-storage in Exeter

June 4, 2015     Exeter Self Storage

With our homes becoming increasingly overrun with our personal possessions, cost-effective and practical solutions are needed to regain control. Self-storage offers an affordable and uncomplicated alternative that enables homeowners to enjoy a less cluttered lifestyle, without the need to resort to more costly arrangements such as extensions or removals. If you require self-storage in Exeter, then please read on!

Choosing a self-storage facility is an important decision to ensure that the service adequately meets your personal needs. It isn’t as simple as renting a space and cramming it with your possessions, as different providers will be able to offer a facility and service that is tailored to your requirements.

So if you’re in urgent need of more space, consider the following points before selecting a self-storage solution.

Top tips when considering self-storage in Exeter


There’s little financial or practical logic in having to travel long distances if you need to access your possessions frequently, even if a remote facility promises the Earth in terms of lower prices. On the other hand, if you can be confident that, once locked away, your possessions won’t be needed in a hurry, choosing a facility outside of your immediate locality is a real possibility.

Whether you’re local or travelling from further afield to access your possessions in self-storage in Exeter, the city boasts excellent road connections so you won’t feel that you’ve travelled huge distances whenever you need to visit.

Amount of storage space

There’s no point hiring storage the size of a football pitch for a dining table and six chairs, but the inconvenience of finding that you can’t fit all of your possessions into a smaller unit is equally frustrating! Evaluating the amount of storage space needed to house your possessions is important, as is having a clear plan of how they will be organised to ensure they are safe and unlikely to become damaged. For example, bear in mind that fragile objects can’t be stored underneath heavier items, so it may not be possible to simply place the largest objects at the bottom.

Access arrangements

If you need to access your stored possessions, when is this most likely to be? Are you constrained by working hours that dictate when you have spare time? Not all self-storage companies are open during antisocial hours such as evenings and weekends. Finding that you can’t gain access when you most need it could be extremely frustrating and inconvenient, so check out the opening times, both manned and unmanned, before you sign up.


Needless to say, with high-value items potentially on site, you’ll want a facility that is secure at all times. While a heist on the scale of Hatton Garden is thankfully unlikely, security should be the absolute priority of all self-storage providers. Don’t be afraid to ask important questions about CCTV coverage, manned patrols and individual locks on units. Also, remember that adequate fire protection systems should be in place, as well as comprehensive insurance in the event that something does go wrong.

Choosing a self-storage facility is an important decision that should only be made once you have taken into consideration all of the facts, so make sure that you seek advice from the staff and visit a site first before committing to renting space for your prized possessions.

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