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Local Council Wins Bid – Exeter to Become More Active

December 18, 2017     News

Just this week Exeter’s council, battling off 119 other local authorities, have won the right to participate in a government initiative that vows to get areas of England more active. The initiative, titled Sport England Pilot Scheme, has committed to investing 100 million pounds across England, hoping as a whole to make the country more active. As Exeter active invocators ourselves – you can use one of our units as a gym! – we thought it’d be good to discuss this.

Rather than being a pot of money as most would assume, the scheme is run on the idea that local authorities will strategise a plan with Sport England to creatively implore locals to become more active.

The initiative didn’t target inactive areas – active, in this circumstance people who do more than 30 minutes of exercise at least once a week – there rather was a bidding competition. In actual fact, Exeter is the South West’s most active location. In this competition local authorities pitched as to why their areas should be involved with the scheme. Exeter’s council paired with local sporting communities, including Exeter FC, to argue why they’d be one of the best locations for such a project.

Why Exeter?

It has been said that Exeter’s presentation, riddled with facts and data, was very impressive, hence why they’ve been chosen. The local MP has said it was a ‘community effort’.

As of now, there is no plans in place. In the near future, the local authorities will begin planning how they can make the area as a whole more active with Sport England.

How You Can Get More Active With Self Storage Exeter

Although we this initiative is yet to directly impact Exeter and Cranbrook. With us, you can already start your quest to being a better you! How? By being your active, healthy, and feel-good self.

Did you know many, many people around the world turn their self storage into gyms?

The process is an easy one and could easily make you one of the South West’s most active people. What a feat that would be.Exeter Self Stprage

If this sounds like a good idea to you, this is how you do it!

First of all you have to!

Rent a storage unit! We have many sizes available and all for great prices. We’re the best exeter self storage company there is.

Secondly, get gym equipment!

You can get old gym equipment for insanely cheap prices on the internet, gyms sometimes even sell old gear for next-to-nothing. Using either of these two routes, you can furnish your gym relatively cheaply. If you’re not on a budget, furnish your garage with the best gear available!

Thirdly, get active!

As we aim to become one of England’s most active places, why not get a headstart on the movement that’s inevitably coming. This way, you can lead, you can be one of the pioneers!

self storage in Exeter

Your Store Exeter – Exeter Self Storage

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