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Exeter Christmas Market Open! It’s Gone Local!

November 23, 2017     Exeter News

The droning noise of Christmas has arrived. Are you filled with joy or ambivalence? We’re ecstatic here at Your Store. All the quintessential happenings that fill us with merriment have arrived: the Christmas market has opened, seasonal hot drinks are now available at all coffee venders, and the centre’s Christmas lights have been turned on. If you aren’t feeling Christmassy, you certainly should be! Here’s how you can get feeling like you should:

Exeter Christmas Market

Exeter’s Christmas market’s joy penetrates even the most tenacious humbugs. The lights, the drinks, the gifts: it’s unspoiled Christmas! Total merriment for you to enjoy.

This year marks the first year the market’s been ran by Exeter Cathedral. In the past it was run by Market Place Europe. They have promised that the market will be run with local businesses in mind, whilst also maintaining a ‘continental feel’. As a local business, we can’t complain about that!

So, after this Thursday (16th Nov), why not head on down for a hot chocolate, or perhaps even a German beer. They serve steins! Nothing other than a stein full of German beer to get you in the spirit.

Exeter Christmas Market

Festival Hot Drinks

Festive drinks are a huge part of Christmas. Each year every coffee vendors start selling their own variations of what they believe personifies Christmas: toffee nut lattes, pumpkin spice ‘cinos, orange hot chocolates. Each one as delicious as the last; filling you with warmth and mirth.

Why not grab one of these joyous wonders. Starbucks is running a deal: buy-get-one-free on all festive drinks from 2pm-5pm. Simple (yet festive) stuff.

Exeter Christmas

Exeter’s Christmas Lights

Many places will begin to be donned with Christmas decor over the proceeding weeks: city centres, houses, office desks, personalities; it very much is the time of decoration. And, luckily for those yet-to-be-festive Exeter souls, Exeter is one of them!

The city centre’s festival lights are beginning to illuminate the streets now.

What we, Your Store Exeter, can do for you this Christmas?

We’re going to talk with total honesty, as a self-storage company it’s hard to discuss our services in a Christmas context. They’re the same all year round. We can’t offer you a toffee nut self-storage unit. However, there are some uses of our services that you may not have considered. Services that will ease your mind during this what can be considered stressful time.

Store your presents with us

Young, inquisitive whippersnappers foraging for Christmas gifts is a given during this festive period. It can be a real stress that your children are going to find the gifts you’ve spent so long choosing. We can relieve this.

Why not store your presents with us? As well as keeping them from being found by your little ones, you can wrap them in our units too, and post-Christmas, you can even store all the old toys that are no longer needed.

Burglaries at Christmas

Additionally: many homes are burgled this time of year. Christmas is a prosperous time for thieves – as everyone openly displays their wealth during the festive, it’s much easier for them to target homes. Another reason for securing a unit with us! We’ll keep all your gifts safe.

This festive-themed transaction is a smooth one. Unlike those eggnog lattes, you’ll still want this unit in February. It has year-wide use.


Self Storage Exeter

So this Christmas, why not make the logical decision and come on down to Your Store, Exeter self storage!

Your Store Exeter provides all differently sized self-storage units at a range of prices to suit your budget. For those larger items that just won’t fit, or for those items, you want close by but just can’t store away, Exeter self-storage provides a wonderful solution to your storage needs.

Contact us today for more information and advice. Call us 01392 253119 or fill out our online request form and we’ll get back to you shortly.

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