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Exeter Self Storage For Your Musical Equipment

January 25, 2018     News

Music equipment takes up a lot of space. That’s a fact. And it’s often those with musical equipment who lack space. That’s also a fact. We have many Exeter self storage units that can store your expansive and expensive musical equipment. Another fact. We do it at incredible prices too. Facts galore.

Music Equipment Storage with Your Store, Exeter Self Storage

As aforementioned, musical equipment takes up a lot of space and you might be considering storing it in one of our units. Good choice. If you’re a passionate musician, no doubt you’ve spent a lot of money (and time) on your equipment; you don’t want it to be stored in a foolhardy manner. We know that.

We have clued ourselves up on the nuances of self-storage over the years. Today, we’re going to let you in on how to do it. Here are our tips for storing


If you google this you’ll get loads of advice which won’t make much sense. You’ll then realise you’re reading about chemical drums rather than musical drums.

Storing musical drums isn’t too complicated. You must avoid humidity at all costs. Which can be hard, especially in the summer. In our storage units? Not hard at all. Your drums will be fine.

set of drums



Storing guitars is more complex than storing drums They’re a more intricate piece of kit, so more care is needed. When storing your guitar we have a few tips that you should adhere to religiously

  • When storing guitars you must place them upright, rather than storing them stacked on top of one another. Fender says if storing multiple guitars it should look like ‘suits hanging on a rack rather than a giant deck of cards’.
  • Keep the strings somewhat tense – that’s needed to avoid neck bowing problems – but don’t keep them as tight as usual, otherwise, they’ll snap. It is recommended to drop one or two steps.
  • If you have a vibrato-equipped guitar, you should detach the arm.


Pianos are perhaps the most worrying musical instrument to move, particularly because they’re often heirlooms. Even if they’re not, they are invariably expensive.

The first thing you must consider if you’re going to store your piano with us is getting it to the unit itself. We strongly recommend using professional piano movers. Pianos are notoriously hard to relocate, hence why they have professionals for such a service.

It is recommended you make sure your piano is stored in a temperature controlled environment, which our units are but your garage is most likely not. So, to recap

  • Use professional movers
  • Ensure in temperature controlled environment
  • Cover piano
  • Come and check on it regularly (This isn’t entirely needed, but with our 24-hour access, it’s no issue!)

Piano in Exeter self storage

Your Store Exeter, Exeter Self-Storage

Have musical equipment that we didn’t cover in this article? Give us a call. We’ll provide you with the information needed to ensure your musical gear is kept in tip-top condition. Want to store with us? Once again, we’ll be waiting on that line. We’ll look after your prized possessions until you have a home big enough for them!

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