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Exeter Storage Decluttering Your Summer

May 6, 2015     Exeter Seasonal Self Storage

Now that spring is here, and with summer not too far away, it’s the ideal time of year to transform your home or office into the stress-free environment you deserve. After all, there’s a reason they called it a SPRING clean. Stress affects the best of us and it’s easy to turn to the usual quick-fix remedies of chocolate or stress balls; however, it doesn’t keep the stress away for long. We’ve taken a step outside of the box, not only to offer you a solution but a long-term one to declutter your personal or business Exeter storage needs.

Tidy Environment, Tidy Mind

organise tidy and declutter your belongings
It’s common knowledge that a tidy house or office means you’ll have a tidy mind to match. Sure, it sounds simple but we understand that the words tidy and simple don’t particularly go hand in hand. First of all, and probably the hardest, is to get started and instigate action. It doesn’t have to be too extravagant, simply eliminate the furniture you don’t use but still have, put away all your winter things (jackets. snowboards, hats, your winter sports gear etc), get rid of all the clutter on your desk, and of course empty your drawers. Many of us are culprits of having an overflowing draw, you know, the one that you can barely open due to it being full of things you didn’t even know you had? Once this is done you’ll see how much of a spring clean was actually needed and instantly feel at ease in your new stress-free environment.

How Exeter Storage Can Help

So where can you store your winter accessories, general belongings, and furniture if you are limited with space in your home? You could put them in a spare room or in the attic but you’ll only repeat the cycle of the dreaded spring clean each year, if anything, gaining more stress with even more clutter. The best alternative is to put your items into self-storage, they’ll be secure and ready for pick up whenever you require them again. Unlike your home or office, we can accommodate a number of items, no matter how big or how much you have. With all our business and personal self-storage solutions, we are confident that you’ll find the help you need to transform your home.

Make sure you get ahead of the annual spring clean for the foreseeable future by making your home and office the perfect de-cluttered environment in time for the summer. Feel free to contact us for some friendly advice on what storage unit is best for you and your belongings.

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