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Exeter’s Best Self Storage: Uses You Didn’t Know About!

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When you hear the term ‘self storage’ what does your mind run to: that show on Dave where head-cases battle the vehemence of their lunacy?  A glorified cupboard used to store your old curtains that you feel a little too attached to? I mean, you did get them on your moving-in day 20 years ago, how could you get rid of them?

Those two beliefs – that’s usually it. That’s the extent of the public’s perceived value with regards to self storage containers, but in reality, we’re much more than just self-storage.

This perception; it’s not one’s fault. There isn’t much of a medium to express our worth, and that’s why we’re writing this: To express this Exeter self storage company’s worth and thus, enhance the lives of the people of Exeter and the surrounding areas – as we really can.


We’re a helping hand in times of adversity, or perhaps even prosperity


In a different time, many could (and would) buy a house young. Back then, it was possible to do so without the process being the focal point of their life. They simply would do it, because.. well because, why not? ‘We’re young, we may as well’ was a common sentiment. Although this wasn’t long ago in the context of time, the idea is a far cry from current happenings monetarily.

Now to buy a house it must be one’s main focus, it can’t be in addition to other pursuits. And even if it is your main pursuit, it still may take years; years of saving, budgeting, and most importantly, renting. When renting, you’re susceptible to sudden change. Whether it be the rent going up, the landlord wanting to sell, or house defects becoming a bit too much. You can be in that house one week and out the next.

The market itself is also subject to sudden change – Savills have predicted rent in Bristol is to rise by 27.4% over the next five years. 5 years is usually the optimum saving time for buying a house. If you just so happen to leave your rented house within this 5 year period and the market’s changed dramatically; if you want to stay in the same location you’re going to have to downsize. You don’t want to sell your stuff. It’s during these times – some may see it as adversity, some may see it as prosperity – we’re here to offer a helping hand. As the best self storage company in Exeter, we can store your earthly possessions for as long as needed if downsizing is deemed necessary.


We’re a medium for your creativity


More than just a home for too-hard-to-bin possessions, these containers, rather ironically, can also be a hub for creation. This is what many people don’t know; the varying uses for these Exeter storage units.

In the past, many self storage Exeter customers have utilised their storage containers for uses such as beer brewing, their eBay stores, and elsewhere people have even used theirs for activities such as cage fighting training. Whatever your purpose, these containers can serve it.

The world of self-storage is an interesting, for sure. We’re trying to make it all less enigmatic as the possibilities really do stretch for miles. Perhaps you could be the first person in the Exeter self storage industry to make a weekly songwriting workshop?


We’re a safe haven where your kids are enabled to blossom


Many parents around the country don’t like the idea of their kids out on the streets. Understandable; the streets can be dangerous. This has implored a good amount to rent an Exeter storage container to make a den or hang out of sorts for their offspring. It’s a great way to give your young ones some independence whilst also not having to worry about their safety.

This has amounted to self-storage units being used for a number of adolescent rite of passages: like band practice for example. For years, teenagers have perpetually been asked to turn their guitars down, to stop hitting their drums so hard, and to please, please get better at signing. We might not be able to help with the last one, but we can sure distant to process of getting (or not) better from you. It’s much more relaxing that way – for you anyhow.


We’re a train fare over a few trips in the car


Did you know many use Your Store Exeter for summer storage? When studying in Exeter, a fair amount of young scholars like to bring everything with them; from their duvet to their odd pink sock. All comes and all must go – or in this case, stay.

Having all this – what best can be described as – ‘stuff’ can become particularly tricky when the end of the academic year swings around and it’s time for them to pack up and go home. This is once again where we can help. We’re number one for student summer storage –  We have housed many duvets and odd pink socks!


We’re memories, we’re leverage, we’re safety; we’re self-storage


Whatever use you may have, we’re sure we can accommodate. We can be anything you want us to be. If you have an inkling your use may be too ‘out there’, simply give us a call, and we can talk through it. As seen above, we’re sure no use is too wild. Or perhaps you simply want to store your possessions, if so, give us a call and we’ll have a unit ready for you in no time.

We’re a blank canvas, ready for your artistic touch (or most likely your curtains from 20 years ago.)

Call us (01392 253119) or fill out our online request form for more information.


Your Store Exeter: More Than Self-Storage


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