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Five Business Types That Can Benefit From Storage Units

March 14, 2019     News

Storage units are growing increasingly popular in certain industries as spaces to operate a business from. Our Exeter business storage units could be the ideal place for you to set-up or expand your organisation. We ensure that our self storage prices maintain low in the interest of business owners while our Exeter self storage units are easily accessible by car, and some by larger vehicles, meaning you can deliver/pick-up your goods with ease.

Here are five types of businesses that can be developed with the help of storage units:




A storage unit could be utilised to store high-tech videography/photography equipment. Valuable assets such as lighting equipment, backdrops, cameras and tripods can be kept safe within the storage unit, and, in some cases, the space may even be useful for the material itself. The cheap rental price of our Exeter city centre storage location is perfect for those projects in and around the city.   


E-Commerce Businesses

If you’re selling products online, whether you have your own website or you’re using a consumer sales website such as eBay, a storage unit could be a perfect idea to encourage business along. A self-storage solution will allow you to separate home life from your business, giving you a place to set up an office and store your stock.


Book Dealers or Independent Publishers

Storage space could be useful if you’re an independent publisher or book dealer due to the sheer volume of physical product that you may have. Store your magazines, books, pamphlets and brochures in a centralised location before sending them out to retailers and readers.

Another benefit of storing such products in a unit is that the space will be climate controlled, meaning the condition of the materials will remain retail quality leaving you with peace of mind that every time you return, your books will be as good as new.  


Storage Unit Publishers


Local Contractors

If you’re a local contractor, such as a landscaper, you need to ensure that your equipment remains safe and in great condition – there’s no safer place than a storage unit. You’re also likely to have sizeable pieces of equipment that could be exposed to the elements without secure indoor storage space.

At Your Store Exeter we understand accessibility is essential. You’ll be able to drop off and collect your equipment at any time between 7am until 9pm Monday-Friday and 8am until 8pm at weekends, which is crucial for local contractors. Business owners can also grant access to their employees so that they can pop in and take what they need for a day’s work.


Second-Hand Dealers and Collectors

Storage units present a very useful and pragmatic solution for those with excess goods that need sorting and categorising. A storage unit is also an ideal place to store items such as furniture and statement pieces until the right buyer comes along. Having a pristine, organised space is beneficial for those who want to store high-quality, antique or specialised collectables with low variable costs.


Storage Unit Collectors


Are Storage Units Actually Being Used By SMEs?

SMEs are one of the self-storage industry’s newest and potentially most lucrative set of clients. Flexible in terms of access and space and highly cost effective, storage units are proving to be a desired solution to some of the issues facing newly-formed or small-medium sized businesses.

Renting storage space is also a great way for business owners to avoid a restrictive lease while if you require a bigger unit with a greater amount of space, simply liaise with our friendly facility management team.


Business Storage in Exeter 

Get in contact with us at Your Store Exeter and see how we can help you maximise the potential in your organisation. Our friendly team are on hand to discuss your needs and deliver the right storage solution. Rent a unit for as few or many days as suits you and start your contract at a time chosen by you.

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