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How To Start an eBay Business From a Self Storage Unit

October 19, 2016     Exeter Self Storage

When it comes to online selling, Ebay is the market leader. With more than 200,000 businesses trading through this popular website in Britain, there is huge potential to grow your company.

If you’re an avid eBay seller, you’ll understand that the flow of stock can sometimes overwhelm your areas of space and storage. Buying and selling goods online is a fantastic way to earn extra cash, but a self storage unit for business can make it a whole lot easier – and more successful. So if you find yourself drowning in boxes and packages, there is a quick and easy solution to your problem!

At Your Store Exeter we have a cost-effective solution for all eBay businesses, whether you’re a large or small enterprise. If you’re dreaming of quitting the mundanities of your regular job, then spring up the possibility. You can match your storage needs to your annual sales trends and never waste a penny on space again.

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Why start an eBay business in self storage?

The job role of an online seller involves mastering many tasks, and usually being able to do more than two things at once! Think of this as the start of something wonderful with everlasting possibilities. A self storage unit will permit you to create, store, market, buy and sell from one place in an organised fashion, if you’re willing to put the work in, you’ll reap the profits!

De-cluttering your living space is one positive aspect; the other is that you’ll finally have a chance to keep your work and home space separate. You can access your storage unit at any time during our opening hours. Additionally, you are free to meet customers at the unit so that heavier items can be collected from you within a secure environment.

1. Rent a self storage unit

The flexibility of your own self storage unit will enable you to match your storage needs to annual sales, therefore never wasting money on unneeded space.

By renting a self storage unit, you’ll have complete autonomy over your stock in a secure yet accessible place. Increasing productivity and offering more chance to commit to getting stock boxed, bagged and posted, your very own secure space will be your go-to for selling and stocking.

At Your Store Exeter, we offer a range of various sized units, so whatever your stock, you can upgrade and downgrade at your own leisure. You’re not restricted to one size and when the business grows and profits, your convenient and cost-effective stock-keep can alter.

>>We can guide you on how to choose the right size unit.

self storage unit ebay

2. Organise your stock into boxes

Once you’ve hired your storage unit, you can begin labelling and boxing up all of your stock with your own or the boxes that we can provide. Labelling and separating out is a productive way to organise, so whether you’re selling video games, clothes, art or accessories, you’ll enter your storage unit knowing exactly where to find what you’re looking for.

3. Decide how you’ll run your eBay business

The market for storage units is continually growing as more entrepreneurs discover that storage units are a convenient and cost-effective place to keep their stock and even run an office. Think about it, one place where you do everything including adding your listings, taking your photographs and selling the items – sounds good, right?

Your stock will be kept in a place where you know it’s secure, labelled, organised and ready for you to pop in and out as you please.

4. Start selling!

Now that you have your own business unit, you can really focus on raking in the profits. So what’s stopping you?

Why choose Your Store Exeter?

Our storage units are modern, purpose built and best of all – low cost. With clear space, standardised equipment and a refreshing new strategy, you will gain friendly advice, short and long term deals depending on your business, key fobs for authorised personnel access, and much more.

Our site is 100% alarmed and secured with CCTV, anti-tamper locking boxes and management staff to ensure that your assets are kept protected at all times.

What are the benefits?

  • Your Store Exeter will accept your deliveries, so all stock returned and sold is managed at our address
  • Extensive security
  • No commitment to lease
  • Transport assistance
  • Long hours of access (7am – 9pm Monday to Friday, 8am – 8pm Saturday to Sunday)

Remember, as an online seller you pay one price that includes maintenance and security – unlike traditional warehousing there are no business rates to pay, so it all works in your favour for the start of a prosperous eBay business.

If you’re interested in a unit with Your Store Exeter, please contact us today, we’d be happy to hear from you. As experienced professionals, we are on hand to offer expert advice.

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