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You Better Clear Room, IKEA’s Unveiled Their Grand Opening Date

February 19, 2018     News Uncategorized

It was rumoured. We were happy. It got confirmed. We were ecstatic. It’s nearly here. We’re beyond thrilled. IKEA Exeter has a grand opening date and you better start deciding what you need for your home, they’ve finally confirmed their opening day May 1st.

IKEA established themselves as the furnishers of the world three key offerings: simplicity, cost, and ease of transaction. In hindsight, it seems overly simple. But when they first embarked on their path with such a model, well… it was groundbreaking. And this is why their domination ensued; innovation.

This innovation that their company was built on oozes in their designs. We’re huges fan of them and their designs. Today we’re going to explore their best-sellers. There might a few you just need for your home.

LACK Side Table, £9

This table, overtly minimalistic; fiendishly chic, only costs £9. It quite literally flies off the shelves. IKEA have sold it since their inception and not changed it since, mind-boggling to consider how many coffee cups it has elevated. How many newspapers it has stored – all the varying stories it’s seen.

Come May 1st will this table find a home in your pad? Its minimalistic style can either give way to surrounding more adventurous furnishings or you can go for the all-out minimalistic look. Either way, it’s a steal at £9.

Image result for lack ikea table

IKEA Klippan 2-Seat Sofa, £169

Sofas can cost insane sums. They are real account drainers, which is why so many turn to IKEA for theirs. IKEA stock some jaw-droppingly cheap items, like for example, this two-seater. The Klippan, another long-standing member of IKEA’s arsenal, is without doubt one of their best sellers. Coming in at only £169, there’s no wonder why so many want it.

As they all their stock is, this sofas simplistic look will look nice a quaintly designed space.

Image result for klippan 2 seater sofa

MALM Bed Frame, £169

Bed frames have a riddled history of being somewhat ostentatious. The rich would have grand frames, built to bed a king. Over time, the understanding as to what looked good changed, naturally. Now, grand bed frames are less in, it’s more simplistic frames now, which works for IKEA, the kings of simplicity.

This disposition towards simplistic designs has causes IKEA’s MALM bed frame to shoot to the top of their best sellers. Could this piece your room together?

Image result for malm bed frame


There’s no mystery as to why this table’s a top seller, look at it. It’s eye-grabbing, awe-inducing, room-making – it’s so good, it needs a hyphen. A singular word isn’t enough.

At only £40, this is another one of the country’s favourites. How about this little number for your lounge?

Image result for lovbacken ikea

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Of course, if you do pick up any of these you’re going to need to get rid of your old furnishings, aren’t you? It’s never nice to throw items away, especially if you’ve had them for a considerable time. Store them, as they may have value in the future. Why not store them with us? We have very secure units, each accessible 24 hours a day, via your own personalised fob. Any questions? Give us a shout.

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