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Your Store Bridgewater – Our New Site!

June 15, 2018     News Uncategorized

For years Your Store has served the people of Exeter. We came with a simple idea: allow people to use self-storage with ease, security, and do it all at a cheap price. That’s exactly what we’ve done and it has gone well enough that we’ve managed to open a second location, Your Store Bridgewater.

Our Your Store Bridgewater branch is a considerable win for us here at Your Store. Why? Well, now we’ll be able to provide the very service that has resonated here so well there, too. That service being

A Friendly Face

Sometimes, self-storage can feel somewhat like a bandit’s industry. They charge you odds over ends, don’t provide a high-quality service, and then don’t even have the courtesy to smile when you come and go. Obviously, we are strongly opposed to this. We try to offer a service juxtapositional to such. We’re friendly people who just want to help you in your quest to store items.


We’re aware that security doesn’t just extend to the units themselves, it’s much, much more. First of all, security means we won’t violate the terms of your contract at any point (even if you simply use the unit for a week). We haven’t here in Exeter and we certainly will never do that at our Your Store Bridgewater site. And secondly, it obviously means the security of your items. Not only are out units some of the most secure you can find, so is our perimeter.

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When you hire a unit with us you get a personalised fob which with you can access your unit anytime in between 7am-9pm Monday to Friday and 8am-8pm on the weekend.


We offer the best price you can find. This is will be the same at our Your Store Bridgewater site. And it will continue to be the case here at You Store Exeter, the best Exeter storage you can find. As said, we simply want to ensure a sound service at a respectable price, no gimmicks, so that’s what we do.


Although you may be attracted to use the big names like Safe Store and Big Yellow, why not support your local industry and store with Your Store. The best Exeter storage and now also Bridgewater’s, too!

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Your Store Exeter (And Bridgewater) | Exeter Storage

We’ll continue to provide this service for as long as we can. We like what we bring to the community and evidently you do, too. A harmonious pairing, Your Store and the Exeter residents – we’re sure it’ll be the same in Bridgewater. If you’d like to talk about our Exeter storage, then give us a call or use our online contact form. If you’d like to learn more about our Bridgewater service, then use this page to contact us!

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