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How To Organise Your Christmas Decorations

December 5, 2016     Organisation Packaging Seasonal

It’s that time of year again! We retrieve our Christmas decorations from deepest, dustiest corners of the attic and bring down our ornaments, trees and decorations to occupy the home once again. Let’s face it, there’s something incredibly magical about trimming the tree and hanging the stockings with your loved ones, but storing it for the rest of the year can be a real headache.he year can be a real headache.

In the 1900’s, popular decorations include strings of popcorn & cotton that mimicked snow!

Some people go all out – making their homes resemble Santa’s grotto – while others keep it subtle. Regardless of how crazy you are for Christmas, it’s a good idea to have some organisation when it comes to storing and unpacking your decorations. It’s a common mistake to shove everything into one box at the end of the festive season and call it a day, but by doing this, you’re setting yourself for another long day of untangling lights and picking out the baubles amongst the wreaths.

What better way to organise your festive trinkets than by making Christmas storage arrangements before it’s even begun? Some simple preparation can leave you feeling pleasantly surprised when it comes to next year’s trip to the attic.

Group your decorations into categories

Many Christmas decorations are fragile and may hold sentimental value, so they must be handled and stored with care. Once you’ve done the above, you must come up with broad categories to organise your noel-themed treasures, if you want to find things easily next year, this is the way to do it! Below are some of the example categories that you can steal…

  • Christmas tree decorations (tree parts, stand, tinsel, lights)
  • Ornaments (free standing decorations for mantel pieces)
  • Outdoor Christmas decorations (wreaths, lights, glowing reindeers, snow machines)
  • Platters, dishes, glassware and ornaments
  • Wrapping items (gift paper, bows, gift tags)
  • Special/best decorations
  • Christmas linens (table cloths, bed sheets, napkins, crockery, glassware)

As well as having a safe place to store your decorations with order and all in one place, you’ll keep them free from dust and damp.

Top Christmas packing tips

  • Bubble wrap your baubles for ultimate protection
  • Untangle your lights and separate them with small pieces of cardboard or clothes pegs
  • Use acid-free tissue paper or bubble wrap to protect your decorations from fading in colour
  • Don’t re-pack items that you no longer love or would like to use next year, don’t be a hanger on by storing unneeded junk.

organise christmas decorations

Obtain appropriate sized containers

Once you have organised your items into categories, you can choose appropriate boxes for specific sets of items. It may be that you require a cardboard box for gift wrap and wreaths, or classic clear boxes allowing you to see what is inside immediately.

Label your boxes

Next, it’s time to create labels. This will enable you to identify exactly what is in each box – you can even number them to list what you usually pull out first. By separating your tree decorations with the Christmas lights and window-sill ornaments, you are setting yourself up for hassle-free festive decorating by the time Christmas comes around next year.

store christmas lights

And your solution is, Christmas decoration storage made simple with…

Your Store Exeter self-storage units!

A self-storage unit is a brilliant investment when getting organised for Christmas. As well as keeping your Christmas decorations neat, tidy and safe, you can use your unit for additional items like presents that you don’t want children snooping around for…

The handy self-storage units we have available come in a range of sizes, meaning we can provide you with the precise amount of space that you require, this way, you’ll never have to pay for extra storage that you don’t utilise!

From box-sized units to vast storage spaces, at Your Store Exeter, if you’re looking to temporarily store Christmas items until you can make more room around the home, or you simply want to store a bulk of items year-round, we have a range of options available.

To learn more about our flexible Christmas storage options, please get in touch today.

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