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Protecting Items Against Self-Storage Damage

March 23, 2019     News

Whatever your purpose of self storage unit rental, you want to know that your provider has put the necessary security measures in place to ensure maximum safety. You also want to be reassured that you can leave your belongings in storage for however long you wish and that when you return they’ll be in the same condition as you left them.

There are certain factors to guard against to preserve the quality of your contents; with extreme weather being the leading cause of damage. Our self storage prices are highly competitive but you aren’t going to reap the full benefits unless you take precautions when storing your goods.


Knowing Your Assets


How to Store Your Assets

Make sure you know exactly what you are storing. If you are looking to declutter, it is a good idea to check through contents first to avoid any surprises when you return to your unit. Storing goods that are in bad condition or mouldy can spoil unaffected items.


What Steps Can I Take to Avoid a Self-Storage Nightmare?


Furniture Storage

There are several things that you can do to make sure your items are as secure as can be. The organisation of personal storage units in Exeter can not only help you make the most out of the space, but will also negate the chance of damaged goods. Here are some ways to make your possessions averse to potential deterioration:


  • Apparel – Keep clothes inside bags or plastic containers to keep moths or mould away.
  • Furniture – Protect from dust by draping sheets over, and make sure each piece is off the ground. This will improve ventilation and airflow, especially with pieces of furniture that contain wood. Place dehumidifiers in the unit to protect against allergens such as dust mites and mould.
  • Books – You can prevent books from gathering mould by putting them in protective cases or boxes, and placing them in a temperature controlled unit.
  • Food and Drink – It’s rule 101 in the self storage industry that food is prohibited as, obviously, food attracts vermin and unwanted smells. However, sealed items such as wine, cider and bottled water, as well as non-perishable canned goods, can be stored – ideal for business storage purposes.
  • Electronics – Be vigilant when storing electronics, especially over the summer months. High temperatures, causing moisture in the air, can damage their internal and external structures.


What Role Can My Storage Unit Provider Play?


If you are concerned about natural elements affecting your possessions, such as heavy rainfall during the winter or intense heat in the height of the summer, and cant get to your unit to check on your things, you should notify your self storage provider. For piece of mind and with your permission, a member of our friendly on-site Your Store Exeter management team will check on your contents and report back.

All of our exeter storage units are assessed after each customer removes their belongings. Therefore we can guarantee that there are no cracks in the walls or gaps in the shutters, meaning your possessions will be stored in a clean and dry place.  


Secure Storage Solutions

At Your Store Exeter, we’re committed to supplying easy and flexible storage solutions. We take pride in maintaining our whole site, including each and every storage unit, so that it remains tidy and presentable. Whether you intend to store your items for a few days or five years, your belongings will be safe in our Exeter self storage units. Contact us today to discuss your storage needs or head down to our Marsh Barton, Exeter site.

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