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Safe Storage Solutions for Outdoor Furnishings

September 11, 2018     News

Now that we have waved summer goodbye, it’s the ideal time to store your outdoor furniture and sports equipment safely and securely. We don’t want you to have to fork out for brand new furnishings for next summer, so make sure you check out our selection of storage solutions for your existing outdoor furniture.

Outdoor furniture


Garden Furniture


We all know that purchasing fashionable new outdoor furniture in the lead up to the summer months is one of the highlights of the season. But what happens to it when the sun starts to go in for the autumn months? You certainly don’t want to be coming back to your brand new outdoor suite or BBQ a year later and it to have disintegrated by moths and mold!

With a range of sizeable personal storage units on offer, Your Store Exeter is the perfect place to hold your beautiful outdoor furnishings through the winter months. We are committed to providing you with secure, clean and dry short or long-term storage units, which you are able to access with your own fob key.


Sports Equipment


Ski Equipment


Garden trampolines, bikes, and even ski or snowboard equipment are always a highlight of summer for those of all ages, so making sure they are kept away from winter elements is key to maintaining their keep over time. If you don’t have enough space in your own garage or shed to shelter them from wind and rain commonly associated with the later stage of the year, then why not consider your very own long-term storage facility?

Your Store Exeter is based in the heart of the city and with easy access for all types of vehicle upon request, even more of a reason to choose us when needing to look for extra room for your sports equipment.


Business Storage


Warehouse tools


If you are preparing a long winter holiday away from work and need to store a range of tools or materials, business storage solutions in Exeter are a great option if you don’t have space at home or in your own warehouse.

No business person likes to leave expensive tools in the back of company vehicles that can be prone to vandalism and/or theft. Our storage units have a four lever, high-level locking system and are fitted with anti-tamper systems which deter criminals from breaking into any storage unit, for extra peace of mind.  


Maximising space with Your Store Exeter

We want you to enjoy your winter and seasonal festivities without having to worry about the condition of your summer furnishings and equipment. Contact our team today for your very own storage solution quote, so you can sit back, relax and enjoy your winter.

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