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How to Safely Store Your Wine

January 11, 2017     Exeter Packaging Self Storage

Suitable storage helps you get the very best out of your wine. Fact.

Although wine can improve with age, it can also have the opposite effect if it is kept within incompetent conditions. The most crucial factors of wine storage are; humidity, light and temperature.

As an ardent lover or collector of the finest wines, you’ll naturally take pride in your investment and want to ensure that your bottles old and new are safeguarded and free from damage or loss. At Your Store Exeter, we are leading self-storage experts and understand how delicate wine products are, we provide the ideal conditions for bottled wine security.

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Whether you’re a restaurant owner or you hold a personal wine collection with a 10 or 500 bottle quantity size, here you can discover how our flexible range of self-storage facilities can assist.

How do self-storage units benefit wine collectors?

If an environment is too hot, the fickle compounds within a fine wine can boil which affect both the clarity and the colour. On the other hand, a freezing environment will cause the liquid to expand and the bottle to eventually detonate – which is an unpleasant scenario for any wine enthusiast.

By storing your wine in a self-storage unit, your assemblage will be safe within a climate-controlled facility, certifying that your wine remains full of flavour, balance and most of all, it is safe from potential damage and will be saved for when you need it. Wine self-storage units are particularly ideal for the following…

  • Fine wine collections that are kept as an investment
  • Personal wine collections
  • Temporary wine storage for an event e.g. catering or a wedding
  • Additional storage space for restaurants and bars

Personal and business wine storage solutions

Owning a business where food and drink is involved means that you’re probably used to stocking a range of wines, additionally, if you’re an avid wine lover, your collection will mean something to you and putting it in the hands of storage experts is a self-assuring decision to make.

At Your Store Exeter, we are experts in offering storage tips and solutions.

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Storing wine in a self-storage unit: top tips

A wine collection should be subject to minimal movement, below we have listed helpful tips when it comes to storing wine in a self-storage unit.

  • Equip your storage facility with an appropriate wine rack, shelf unit or crate
  • Store corked wine bottles on their sides
  • Store cap-tops horizontally
  • Keep the collection away from direct light
  • Maintain a consistent temperature
  • Only move it if you must – even the smallest vibrations could have detrimental effects
  • Store for an appropriate time amount
  • Adjust the temperature before serving

While all of the above points are extremely important when it comes to banking your wine selection, the most important point of all is to isolate your wine. Wine “breathes”, therefore storing it in a place where there are other strong smells around will saturate through the cork and tarnish it. This is one of the main reasons why self-storage units are so useful because they guarantee safety from all contaminants.

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Choosing Your Store Exeter

No matter how big or small your collection, our flexible unit policy means that you can downgrade and upgrade as you’d wish. As your collection grows, you’ll need more room, if it downsizes, you’ll need less space and we can store your entire wine collection securely, meaning you’ll free up more space at home.

>> What size self-storage unit do you need?

With easy access via your personal key fob, you can add or remove bottles as you wish. We are equipped to transfer your collection into a larger unit with minimal disruption. You may leave your wine with us for as long as you wish. Below are the added benefits and conveniences of using our self-storage units.

  • Flexible contracts and open-ended deals
  • Increase or decrease space as required
  • Alarmed site with 24 hour CCTV
  • Transport assistance available

To get in touch regarding your wine collection, please contact Your Store Exeter at your convenience.

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