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Where to store your life when moving back home

November 12, 2015     Exeter News Packaging Self Storage

There’s something of a housing crisis going on around Britain. With the price of rent reaching huge heights, wages staying the same and more graduates than ever leaving university without a job, the number of first-time buyers has halted. But where do you store your life when moving back home? For parents of the graduates in question, storage containers have never seemed so appealing.

Over 20,000 students currently reside in our beautiful city of Exeter, and more and more school-leavers are opting to come to our university each year. While the increasing attendance has brought a new lease of life to our historic city, we do worry that you’ll have nowhere to go once you’ve left us. An average bachelor’s degree means three long years of potential to accumulate a lot of ‘stuff‘.

By ‘stuff’ we mean desks, sofas, extra wardrobes, traffic cones, that sort of thing… And if you can’t afford to put it all in a flat for yourself, then it’s (unfortunately) going to be clogging up your parents’ house.

Tips on how to store your life when moving back home

Self-storage vs. Mum & Dad

From just £52 a month, our personal storage containers are readily available to house all of your university belongings. Much cheaper than a flat, the containers at Your Store Exeter allow you to stash your worldly possessions, minimise the hassle of keeping items at your parents’ house and then swing by to pick it all up when you’re ready to move out again.

Recent University of Bristol graduate, Dan H., used a Your Store contained for three months while he moved back to Exeter with his parents and said it saved him a whole world of trouble. “I knew that mum wasn’t overly keen on me bringing back everything I’d managed to pick up during my three years away. After a big clear out, I still had furniture that I wanted to keep so we used Your Store. It kept my mum happy and now that I’ve got a flat back in Bristol I didn’t have to buy too much more to fill it”.

how to store your life when moving back home

Your Store Exeter has a huge amount of containers and the team here have years of experience in storing ‘stuff’ safely. Whether you’re returning to Exeter after your university years, saving for that all-important house deposit or leaving our city in a small car, give us a call and we can help you to store your life when moving back home.

Storing your furniture with us couldn’t be easier. To book, we require a valid form of identification and confirmation of your current address (one of your parents’ recent bills should be fine…) and payment for the first month of storage. Our site is completely secure and all of our containers are clean and dry to keep your furnishings in the best condition possible.

If you would like to find out more about our services please contact us today on 01392 253119.

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