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10 things you should do before moving house

February 12, 2016     Moving house

Moving house can be a massive upheaval and can a busy and distressing time. It can be difficult to know how to move into your new home without losing your mind, so we’ve come up with some top tips on things you should do before you go ahead with the big move. Discover more about personal storage here.

“Chill out! Moving house is reportedly the third most stressful event in life.”

how to pack fragile items when moving house

10 top tips for moving house

1. Have a clear out

If you know you’re moving house it’s always best to have a good de-clutter before you move, it makes the journey lighter and the actual day less stressful. Save yourself the job of sorting things out in your new home and do it all previously by throwing away or storing items that won’t be necessary for you to take along. 

2. Pack non-essential items and clothes first

Items such as old books and clothes you won’t be needing for a while should be packed away first once the packing process begins.

3. Compare removal costs

If you’re moving with minimal furniture and large items it could potentially be done with a car and a few friends helping out with essential items. It’s easy to trick yourself into believing that you have more stuff than you actually do – hiring a simple van for an hour or two could do the trick and work out much cheaper than you anticipated. Use Compare My Move to get a free quote!

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4. Label all boxes

It might seem obvious but moving house in a fairly stress-free manner requires being aware of what you’re actually transferring. Label all boxes with included items and rooms that they are due to go into. By doing this, boxes can be immediately reassigned to the right place with no fuss.

“Did you know that 60% of adults in the UK are thought to have lived in the same house for 15 years or more?”

5. Redirect your mail

Getting your mail redirected to the new address before you move avoids identity theft and stolen mail. You can set this up in advance with a small charge, this can stop significant paperwork ending up in the wrong place.

6. Inform all connected companies with change of address

These include schools if you have children, bank’s, tv license companies, digital tv or broadband companies, DVLA, automatic deliveries including magazine subscriptions, DVD rentals and milk deliveries.

7. Arrange a babysitter for the day if you have little ones

Kids can be hard to entertain on the day of the big move so it’s always best to ask family or a friend to watch them while you get the difficult stuff out of the way.

8. If you are purchasing new furniture or carpet, arrange this beforehand

Arrange delivery for before or when you move in and ensure that you have recorded the dates for when this is taking place.

9. Decide on a moving date that will work for everybody

If you need to book the time away from work ensure that this is done in advance.

“Did you know August is the busiest month for removal companies?”

10. Give yourself plenty of time

It’s wise to allow yourself most of the day to move house so that the stress doesn’t carry on into the night. Start in the morning and perhaps organise a schedule for specific items to be moved at certain times.

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