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dos and donts exeter storage

The Do’s and Don’ts of Self Storage in Exeter

August 3, 2019     News Organisation Self Storage

We’ve defined a list of common pitfalls and necessary precautions to take to help you get the most out of your storage experience. We make self storage in Exeter inexpensive and hassle free with our industry knowledge and experience of witnessing the good and bad. We’ll take you through the factors that will contribute to […]

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TV Shows & Film With Self Storage Moments

5 TV Shows & Films With Captivating Self Storage Moments

July 6, 2019     Self Storage

Our hard-working Exeter storage team love to unwind with a film! You may not think that storage units provide a thrilling film location, or even realise that a scene you’re watching has been set in a storage unit, but self storage spaces have actually appeared in several hit tv shows/films. Here, we bring you five […]

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Marie Kondo Storage

Exeter Storage Units Meets The Marie Kondo Effect

June 15, 2019     News

Feature Image Credit: RISE Keeping select items within your living space and placing any other items, which may be of less significance to you, in our Exeter storage units could be the key to sustained happiness. At least, that’s the mantra of highly acclaimed lifestyle expert Marie Kondo. Many of us don’t like to throw […]

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Protecting Items Against Self-Storage Damage

March 23, 2019     News

Whatever your purpose of self storage unit rental, you want to know that your provider has put the necessary security measures in place to ensure maximum safety. You also want to be reassured that you can leave your belongings in storage for however long you wish and that when you return they’ll be in the […]

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Storage Unit Photography Business

Five Business Types That Can Benefit From Storage Units

March 14, 2019     News

Storage units are growing increasingly popular in certain industries as spaces to operate a business from. Our Exeter business storage units could be the ideal place for you to set-up or expand your organisation. We ensure that our self storage prices maintain low in the interest of business owners while our Exeter self storage units […]

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Tidy Home

New Year, New Storage Solutions. Declutter with Personal Self Storage in Exeter

February 5, 2019     News

Perhaps you’ve been watching Marie Kondo’s new show on Netflix and you’ve decided to cleanse your mind and living space with a big declutter, but you’ve realised that you can’t quite bear to part with all of your belongings? Or perhaps you’ve just accumulated a bit too much stuff for your space in recent months […]

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Christmas Decoration Storage? We’ve got you Covered

December 6, 2018     News Packaging Seasonal

If you are looking to transform your home into Santa’s Grotto this Christmas, then you’ll certainly want to find the best storage in Exeter to ensure and safe and secure place for your decorations! Here at Your Store Exeter we have fantastic space and personal storage units to allow you to create your very own […]

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spring clean your home

Tips on Preparing your Home for House Viewings

October 23, 2018     Uncategorized

So, you’ve decided to move to a new house. One of the essential parts of selling your home is to host viewings. Whether you are a family looking to upgrade, a couple looking to move location, or you are a single homeowner looking to downsize, there are some helpful tips and hints out there to […]

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storage space ideas

Renting a room in Exeter and need extra storage?

September 28, 2018     News

If you are looking to rent a room in Exeter and need a little helping hand in storing your personal belongings in a safe and easy-to-access storage facility, Your Store Exeter offers a range of small to large storage units to rent for as long as you need.   Extra Storage for Students in Exeter […]

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Garden Furniture patio

Safe Storage Solutions for Outdoor Furnishings

September 11, 2018     News

Now that we have waved summer goodbye, it’s the ideal time to store your outdoor furniture and sports equipment safely and securely. We don’t want you to have to fork out for brand new furnishings for next summer, so make sure you check out our selection of storage solutions for your existing outdoor furniture. Outdoor […]

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Exeter Quay

Exeter for the family: excite the senses when exploring attractions around the city

August 7, 2018     News

Exeter is a thriving city and has been named in the top 10 best cities to live in in the country, so why not take the whole family out and explore the vibrant capital city of the southwest? Whether you are lucky enough to live in this beautiful city or are taking a weekend break […]

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self storage park exeter

Your Store Bridgewater – Our New Site!

June 15, 2018     News Uncategorized

For years Your Store has served the people of Exeter. We came with a simple idea: allow people to use self-storage with ease, security, and do it all at a cheap price. That’s exactly what we’ve done and it has gone well enough that we’ve managed to open a second location, Your Store Bridgewater. Our […]

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Student Storage

Have An Easy Summer; Use Your Store, Students!

May 22, 2018     News

Life as a student can be tough; anxiety over exams; money woes; jumping between locations. Whilst it’s true you get a lot of flack on TV and in most everyday conversations, as people who have been students, we know how tough it can get for you lot. One situation that induced the worst of feelings […]

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curtains self storage

Furniture Fads

April 25, 2018     News

Furniture moves in waves. Whatever is the must-have one day, may well be must-not the next. It’s an inherently unpredictable entity and that’s why find it interesting so. Obviously, however, this does mean a lot of people really buy into fads, only to find they’re really not fans of the piece in the coming days. […]

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Elvis, Exeter Self Storage

Some of the Most Fruitful Finds In Storage Units

March 19, 2018     Uncategorized

A storage unit fraught with forgotten gems worth up to thousands, perhaps even millions, in value. A modern-day treasure chest. We often fantasise about it; what a joy would it be to find items that could secure you financial stability for just a couple of hundred quid. Dave have found riches in producing and re-running […]

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IKEA Exeter

You Better Clear Room, IKEA’s Unveiled Their Grand Opening Date

February 19, 2018     News Uncategorized

It was rumoured. We were happy. It got confirmed. We were ecstatic. It’s nearly here. We’re beyond thrilled. IKEA Exeter has a grand opening date and you better start deciding what you need for your home, they’ve finally confirmed their opening day May 1st. IKEA established themselves as the furnishers of the world three key […]

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Exeter Self Storage For Your Musical Equipment

January 25, 2018     News

Music equipment takes up a lot of space. That’s a fact. And it’s often those with musical equipment who lack space. That’s also a fact. We have many Exeter self storage units that can store your expansive and expensive musical equipment. Another fact. We do it at incredible prices too. Facts galore. Music Equipment Storage […]

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Exeter Self Stprage

Local Council Wins Bid – Exeter to Become More Active

December 18, 2017     News

Just this week Exeter’s council, battling off 119 other local authorities, have won the right to participate in a government initiative that vows to get areas of England more active. The initiative, titled Sport England Pilot Scheme, has committed to investing 100 million pounds across England, hoping as a whole to make the country more […]

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Exeter Christmas Market

Exeter Christmas Market Open! It’s Gone Local!

November 23, 2017     Exeter News

The droning noise of Christmas has arrived. Are you filled with joy or ambivalence? We’re ecstatic here at Your Store. All the quintessential happenings that fill us with merriment have arrived: the Christmas market has opened, seasonal hot drinks are now available at all coffee venders, and the centre’s Christmas lights have been turned on. […]

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More than self-storage

Exeter’s Best Self Storage: Uses You Didn’t Know About!

October 11, 2017     Exeter Moving house Self Storage Uncategorized

  When you hear the term ‘self storage’ what does your mind run to: that show on Dave where head-cases battle the vehemence of their lunacy?  A glorified cupboard used to store your old curtains that you feel a little too attached to? I mean, you did get them on your moving-in day 20 years […]

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storage hacks for students

Your Store Exeter’s top 10 student storage hacks

September 29, 2017     Uncategorized

If you’re just starting uni, chances are you’ll be staying in dorms and joining the rest of the freshers for a fun and hopefully educational year of student life! But dorm rooms can sometimes be rather compact – if you’re used to a lot of room, you may find it a struggle to allocate space […]

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Moving day

Your moving day survival guide

September 13, 2017     Moving house News Packaging Self Storage

If you are reading this article, it’s likely that you are in the throngs of moving house. As many of us are aware, moving day can be incredibly stressful – in fact, one study indicates that two-thirds of British adults placed moving house as top on their stress list, with divorce and starting a new […]

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If you didnt know about Exeter's Harry Potter bar...

Calling Harry Potter fans. Exeter’s getting a magical new bar!

August 29, 2017     Exeter News

The wait is over! Exeter’s new Harry Potter themed bar has now opened its doors on Gandy Street (25 August). And if you didn’t already know about it, we’re going to fill you in on all the deets here. The new establishment – called The Cauldron Inn – will replace Exeter’s Club Cantina, and, spread […]

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renovating your home self storage

Renovating your home? Here’s how self-storage can help!

August 17, 2017     Organisation Packaging Self Storage

Giving the walls in your home a new lick of paint? Putting in a conservatory or loft conversion? Or maybe you are totally refurbishing your property? If any of the these apply to you, you may want to consider self-storage as a means of keeping the precious items in your home safe while renovating your […]

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exeter hospital willy wonka

A sweet treat for the staff at Exeter hospital!

July 25, 2017     Uncategorized

As an Exeter-based self storage company, we like to be clued up on all things local. We’re particularly interested in those who give back to the hard-working Exeter community. Our hero of the month is Co-Founder of Sugar Rush Confectionery, Joe Bolton, who has been delivering sweets to the wonderful staff at Exeter hospital. The […]

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Things to do in Exeter this summer

Things to do in Exeter this summer

July 12, 2017     Exeter Seasonal

As an Exeter based self storage company, we often write about news and events taking place in the local area. A trip to this ancient city will not disappoint, and a combination of beauty spots, entertainment and culture will keep you busy throughout the day. And if you thinking of visiting, you may want to […]

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prepare your home for summer

How to prepare your home for summer

June 27, 2017     Organisation Seasonal Self Storage

Wednesday 21 June marked the official start date of Summer 2017, and the Your Store Exeter team cannot wait for the warmer climes! But while you might be totally ready for the sunny season, your home may not be. Embrace the sunshine and warm weather with our simple tips on how to prepare your home […]

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explore exeter in minecraft

We love Exeter, and so does Minecraft!

June 7, 2017     Exeter

At Your Store Exeter, we are always excited to hear about projects going on in the local area – and this one brings Exeter into the gaming world! The University of Exeter, with a little help from Arts Council England funding, has embarked on a journey to put Exeter on the map – the Minecraft […]

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self storage for students

Self storage for students – made simple!

May 29, 2017     Moving house Self Storage

As a student, you’ll probably move house more often that you eat hot meals! From your initial move into halls, to your final-year home, moving house is a prerequisite of uni life. And you are likely to accumulate a bunch of stuff in the process. But don’t fret! Self-storage for students is a great way […]

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IKEA exeter storage solutions

Exeter storage solutions thanks to IKEA!

May 8, 2017     Exeter News Organisation Self Storage

Many wonderful things have come from Sweden – ABBA, Ingmar Bergman, Spotify, etc. But the most synonymous has to be IKEA. In Exeter, we’ve only had the option of visiting megastores in Bristol and Southampton…until now. We’re getting our very own IKEA! Bring on innovative Exeter storage solutions, flat-packed furniture, and maybe a cheeky plate […]

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long term self storage

Things to consider with long term self storage

April 26, 2017     Moving house News Self Storage

It’s almost May, and many of us are feeling the ‘spring cleaning’ vibes! It’s time to have a proper clear-out and consider moving those unused items into long term self storage. You may be thinking about chucking out the clutter, or maybe you need to make some space for other items. Perhaps you are downsizing […]

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safely store your antiques

How to safely store antiques

April 11, 2017     News Packaging Self Storage

Learning how to safely store antiques and valuables will ensure they do not become damaged or ruined. Whether you are a museum curator, an avid collector, or you are in possession of a family heirloom that has been passed down from one generation to the next, antiques deserve a lot of love and care. For […]

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lego cable simple storage hacks

10 simple storage hacks to organise your space

March 3, 2017     News Organisation Self Storage

At Your Store Exeter, we are more than just a self-storage facility. We are dedicated to helping people find the best storage solutions for their personal and business needs. When your home or work space feels overwhelmed with ‘stuff’ and you have run out of space, there are a few simple storage hacks that might just […]

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personal storage units in exeter

The strangest things found in storage units

February 17, 2017     News Self Storage

Self-storage has gained celebrity status! With popular shows such as Storage Hunters and Storage Wars hitting our screens, self-storage companies have been brought back into the public eye. What is more, these shows are giving us a sneak peek of what hides behind the storage unit door – from clown heads and collections, to photos […]

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tips on how to package fragile items

How To Pack Fragile Items For Self Storage

January 27, 2017     Packaging Self Storage

Self-storage units are widely used for a number of reasons. Whether you’re moving house and using a temporary unit, transferring offices or you have a fair share of fragile items that you need to store outside of the home, this handy guide will assist you with useful tips so that when you pack fragile items, […]

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how to store your wine collection

How to Safely Store Your Wine

January 11, 2017     Exeter Packaging Self Storage

Suitable storage helps you get the very best out of your wine. Fact. Although wine can improve with age, it can also have the opposite effect if it is kept within incompetent conditions. The most crucial factors of wine storage are; humidity, light and temperature. As an ardent lover or collector of the finest wines, […]

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self storage units organisation

Organise For The New Year with Self Storage in Exeter

December 22, 2016     Exeter Organisation Seasonal

What better way to welcome 2017 than with a less cluttered home and a clean, tidy, organised space? Keeping your possessions safe, secure, 24 hours a day and 7 days a week in a storage unit may be the perfect way to remove junk and transfer belongings that are taking up valuable space in your […]

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organise christmas decorations

How To Organise Your Christmas Decorations

December 5, 2016     Organisation Packaging Seasonal

It’s that time of year again! We retrieve our Christmas decorations from deepest, dustiest corners of the attic and bring down our ornaments, trees and decorations to occupy the home once again. Let’s face it, there’s something incredibly magical about trimming the tree and hanging the stockings with your loved ones, but storing it for […]

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how to start an ebay business

How To Start an eBay Business From a Self Storage Unit

October 19, 2016     Exeter Self Storage

When it comes to online selling, Ebay is the market leader. With more than 200,000 businesses trading through this popular website in Britain, there is huge potential to grow your company. If you’re an avid eBay seller, you’ll understand that the flow of stock can sometimes overwhelm your areas of space and storage. Buying and […]

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storage space ideas

How To Utilise Storage Space In A Studio Flat

July 20, 2016     Moving house Organisation

With an estimated 7 billion people worldwide, it’s not surprising that living spaces are becoming smaller and more compact. As a result, the way we utilise the space around us is key to keeping our living areas as open and welcoming as possible. According to the Royal Institute of British Architects (Riba), the average UK […]

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how to organise your office

How To Organise Your Office

July 12, 2016     Organisation

Maximising productivity at work is something most office workers are keen on doing. However small or large a business may be, efficiency is an important aspect to an employee’s role. There are emails to get through, papers to sort, people to call and sometimes days can feel a little wasted. This cannot be blamed on […]

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self storage for business

Why Self Storage For Business Makes Sense

May 3, 2016     Self Storage

Storage units are constantly growing their uses and are now widely used for a range of business purposes. Self storage of business can be beneficial for a number of reasons, whether you’re looking to run a repair shop or you’re seeking cost-effective professional office space. Read on to find out exactly how your business could benefit […]

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spring clean your home

Declutter & Spring Clean Your Home In 3 Days

April 13, 2016     Organisation Seasonal

Clean and sweep your way to a fresh new start in 2016 Spring has finally arrived and there’s no better time to clear and deep clean your home than right now. You can tackle the lot in 3 days by following these steps and hacks, then spend plenty of time relaxing before the Summer months. […]

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what size storage unit small big medium

What size self storage unit do I need?

March 14, 2016     Moving house Organisation Packaging Self Storage

Before you rent a self storage unit, you must be fully aware of the size requirements so that you understand exactly what will be kept in the unit and that all will fit securely and safely. Using a self storage unit could be just what you need to de-clutter your home or office, keepsake special […]

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moving house storage

10 things you should do before moving house

February 12, 2016     Moving house

Moving house can be a massive upheaval and can a busy and distressing time. It can be difficult to know how to move into your new home without losing your mind, so we’ve come up with some top tips on things you should do before you go ahead with the big move. Discover more about […]

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exeter storage river scenic harbourside

5 things to do in Exeter this February

January 21, 2016     Exeter Seasonal

Spending time the capital city of Devon is an appealing opportunity for Devon locals anytime of year, as the rolling hills of the south meet a range of cultural and relaxing activities. In February you wont be short of things to do, so why not plan your time wisely? Come sunshine or rain, here are […]

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moving house van storage your store exeter

Moving thoughts: should you use a removal company?

January 7, 2016     Moving house Self Storage

Moving home is one of those challenges designed to remind you just how stressful life can be. Even if you are the sort of person who ‘thrives on stress’ (as if), the upheaval of a house move is going to disrupt your life. Whether you are moving directly from one property to another, or putting […]

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get rid of moths in the home

How to get rid of moths in your home

December 14, 2015     Packaging Seasonal Self Storage

With wardrobe space often at a premium in homes across the UK, many of us will have no choice but to store our clothes as the seasons come and go. As the New Year dawns, the familiar frost of January and February will hit and fashionistas (plus anyone with a bit of common sense) will […]

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students and friends moving home carrying boxes

Where to store your life when moving back home

November 12, 2015     Exeter News Packaging Self Storage

There’s something of a housing crisis going on around Britain. With the price of rent reaching huge heights, wages staying the same and more graduates than ever leaving university without a job, the number of first-time buyers has halted. But where do you store your life when moving back home? For parents of the graduates […]

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prepare your motorcycle for winter storage

How to prepare your motorcycle for winter storage

October 28, 2015     Exeter Packaging Seasonal Self Storage

With winter approaching fast, now’s a good time to prepare your motorcycle for winter storage. If you’re putting your bike into hibernation for a few months, why not reap the benefits of self-storage, where it will be secure, safe, dry and ready to use as soon as spring rolls around? Tips on how to prepare your […]

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common reasons for using self-storage

The most common reasons for using self-storage

October 9, 2015     Moving house Organisation Self Storage

Whether you’re a homeowner, a student or a business leader, there are many times when you might benefit from a little additional storage space in a secure, flexible environment. The popularity of self-storage facilities like YourStore continues to rise, as customers from all walks of life wake up to the benefits of our services. Here […]

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tidy organised modern bedroom ideas and inspiration

Inspired storage solutions, no matter how small your space

September 14, 2015     Organisation Self Storage

The popularity of television programmes such as Amazing Spaces has motivated us to maximise on the spaces we live in. New space saving efficiencies are springing up all over the place. With a little creativity, transforming even the tiniest space into a much loved and functioning part of your home is a real possibility. 1. […]

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store your personal belongings in large self storage units

What do people keep in self storage?

July 16, 2015     News Self Storage

What do people keep in storage? It’s all a big mystery. Nobody seems to know. If you’ve ever seen the hit US TV show ‘Storage Hunters’, you’ll know it can be anything from live hand grenades to circus equipment and speedboats to DJ decks. Many commercial companies use this kind of storage to keep archives and […]

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unorganised messy cluttered room

Resolving clutter stress and depression with self-storage

June 22, 2015     Organisation Self Storage

In recent years several studies have revealed that a cluttered home or workplace can significantly increase depression, anxiety and stress but few people realise that clutter is often the source of these feelings. Clutter can even lead to people putting on extra weight, according to Dawn Buse PhD, an American Health Psychologist from the Montefiore […]

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self-storage in exeter

Considerations when choosing self-storage in Exeter

June 4, 2015     Exeter Self Storage

With our homes becoming increasingly overrun with our personal possessions, cost-effective and practical solutions are needed to regain control. Self-storage offers an affordable and uncomplicated alternative that enables homeowners to enjoy a less cluttered lifestyle, without the need to resort to more costly arrangements such as extensions or removals. If you require self-storage in Exeter, […]

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Organise and declutter with Exeter storage

Exeter Storage Decluttering Your Summer

May 6, 2015     Exeter Seasonal Self Storage

Now that spring is here, and with summer not too far away, it’s the ideal time of year to transform your home or office into the stress-free environment you deserve. After all, there’s a reason they called it a SPRING clean. Stress affects the best of us and it’s easy to turn to the usual […]

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april fools road sign on blue background

Top April Fools Pranks in Exeter and Devon

March 23, 2015     Exeter Seasonal

April Fools’ Day is the best opportunity of the year to have a bit of fun and blame it on the occasion. In this blog post, Your Store Exeter looks back at some of the most memorable April Fools pranks in Exeter and Devon. 1. A golden egg? A few years ago, a macaroni penguin […]

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storage units in exeter

Choosing the right storage units in Exeter

February 17, 2015     Exeter Security Self Storage

There are plenty of reasons for why you might be looking to store some of your belongings for a time. If you are going to university and can’t take all of your possessions with you, are in the process of buying a house and living in temporary accommodation, or have inherited items that you don’t […]

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unlock key padlock safety secure

Self storage security explained

February 3, 2015     Security Self Storage

One of your primary concerns when deciding to use self-storage is likely to be how you can keep your belongings safe. It is essential that you are confident that once your goods are stored, the only person who will access them is you. This is not only a concern of our customers but is also […]

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pack boxes

How to Pack Boxes Effectively for Self Storage

December 23, 2014     Organisation Packaging Self Storage

Using Storage in Exeter can be a fantastic way of safely storing items that you simply don’t have space for, whether it be at home or work. Whether you’re storing a few items or many of your belongings, packing can often seem daunting. However, Your Store Exeter has extensive experience in packing and storing objects safely […]

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seasons greetings from Your Store Exeter

Seasons Greetings

December 10, 2014     News Seasonal

A warm seasons greetings from the team at Your Store Exeter! The cold nights are well and truly here. You can, however, rest assured that your storage unit in Exeter is strong to all the elements that are thrown at it so your personal or business belongings are kept safe and dry. Just to let […]

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