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How To Utilise Storage Space In A Studio Flat

July 20, 2016     Moving house Organisation

With an estimated 7 billion people worldwide, it’s not surprising that living spaces are becoming smaller and more compact. As a result, the way we utilise the space around us is key to keeping our living areas as open and welcoming as possible.

According to the Royal Institute of British Architects (Riba), the average UK one-bedroom home is 46 sq m (495 sq ft). And with the increase of trendy studio dwellings and many of us downsizing our homes, the way we store our possessions is more important than ever before.

Where the best option may seem like shoving a pile of your belongings in a corner, or sweeping them under the carpet, in fact what you are left with is less space – not to mention an incredibly lumpy carpet. Not only will organisation and storage dedication enhance the appearance of your flat, it will allow you to be more organised and productive by knowing that everything has it’s place!

Follow this handy list of essential storage tips that will help you to maximise your small living space and get creative! After all, nothing beats having your own space, and these ideas don’t involve re-modelling or paying for a garage extension!

Small is tremendous!

Think about where you eat, sleep, work and relax . Living in a limited space means that it can be tricky to determine which areas to use and where to place things, which is why it is important to construct ‘zones’ for each section of your home, where walls are lacking. Storage can be used to highlight where each space exists, as well as making the area look bigger. Allowing items to gather up could result in chaos, and these easy storage ideas are going to save you the stresses of wondering where to put your favourite DVD’s.

1. Don’t be afraid to get multi-functional

A drawer that doubles as a table; a sofa that turns into a bed; a desk that functions as a fridge, TV, book shelf combo? The more a piece of furniture resembles a Transformer, the better we say!

2. The only way is up

Think vertically when planning for space in your small home. For example, placing shelving units high up on the wall will free up space below. Alternatively, large shelves that stretch from the bottom to the top of the wall will also give you much more storage space.

3. What’s hiding under the bed?

More storage space of course! Utilise the space under your bed to store shoes, clothes, toys, bed linen, keepsakes, school work from 1982 – whatever you fancy! Purchasing storage containers to live underneath your bed is a great way to reserve belongings that you don’t use every day.

under the bed storage


4. Join the technology revolution

Wireless devices eliminate the need for messy cables and other technological clutter. Flat screens that can be mounted to the wall or pushed to the back of a shelving unit mean ample space for storing other items.

5. Try out this list of creative storage ideas to maximise your space…

  • Dedicate corners and zones for particular activities
  • Think shelves, shelves, shelves! Wherever and whenever possible, use them for books, plants, keepsakes, ornaments, shoeboxes – whatever!
  • Use pull down screens to separate sections of a room
  • Use chest tables as storage and a coffee table
  • Use seating as a storage opportunity
  • Place your sofa against the bed
  • Only keep the items you really need!
  • Grow (then shrink) your counters
  • Replace under the bed dust with boxes
  • Make your bicycle a stylish room feature and hang it on the wall!


bicycle on wall storage

…Or alternatively

If you’re based in Exeter or Devon and simply have more items than you know what to do with, why not consider a secure, cost-effective self-storage unit?

Sometimes, storing all of your personal belongings in a small space may seem impossible – but we do not want to feel like these items have to be thrown away. At Your Store Exeter, we can take care of your belongings securely, safely and accessibly with our plethora of storage services and products.

Whether you are looking to store your most cherished personal possessions safely, or those items that are just used only on occasions, we can accommodate to your requirements.

Make the most of your small space, and think creatively about the way you use different areas of your home, whether that means de-cluttering, or carrying out a bit of DIY to produce make shift tables that can hide under your counter!

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