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Some of the Most Fruitful Finds In Storage Units

March 19, 2018     Uncategorized

A storage unit fraught with forgotten gems worth up to thousands, perhaps even millions, in value. A modern-day treasure chest. We often fantasise about it; what a joy would it be to find items that could secure you financial stability for just a couple of hundred quid. Dave have found riches in producing and re-running shows revolving around this very fascination. It’s no surprise either, it really is interesting. Which is the exact reason today, as Exeter self storage experts, we’re going to find out some of the most financially rich finds ever in storage units across the world.

Elvis Is Dead

There was an episode of Storage Wars back in 2010. not an unordinary episode by any means. The contestants argued. The storage units were abandoned or forgotten. Dave have re-run it approximately 1074 times. As we said, distinctly unordinary. That was at least until one dormant unit was auctioned and bought for $250. A normal price for a normal looking unit. After the initial purchase the unit was inspected further. What was found? Old newspapers, all in mint condition. That would imply value, but nothing groundbreaking. These papers, however, were from the day Elvis died. They sold for $95,000. Not a bad return, eh.

Elvis, Exeter Self Storage

A Sweet Ride

Melbourne, Australia, 1965: someone buys a storage unit and puts their slightly-too-old-to-ride Harley Davidson in there. It’s safe there; won’t rust or get stolen. Perhaps it was left too safe. So safe the ride never entered their brain again. Come 50 years later, it still hadn’t been touched. So, naturally, the unit was auctioned off. A woman bought the unit for 400 Australian dollars. The ride’s worth? Oh, not much, only $425,000. An honest day’s work.

An Astronomical Comic

Comics are for nerds. Every cool person’s mantra until the nerd aesthetic became cool. Not only are comics now cool, they also can be worth astronomical amounts of money. As-tro-no-mi-cal. Need proof? Well, how about in 2011 when a man paid $200 dollars to buy a unit. He was hopeful of finding some treasure, perhaps a double on his investment. Yet did he know he was about to benefit from the wrongdoings of none other than Nicolas Cage. Through the 90s and 2000s Cage hadn’t properly filed his tax returns – in short, he lost a lot of his possessions, one being Action Comics #1. The comic, which was worth 2 million US dollars, was in this storage unit. A find, to say the least.

Your Store Exeter, Exeter Self Storage

These units were chests full of wealth and joy. Not all are. Some are just really useful spaces to keep your possessions that you don’t quite have room for at the moment. Is this a situation you’re in right now? We can help you out. We have the best Exeter self storage units there are. Give us a call if you’d like to know more.

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