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Declutter & Spring Clean Your Home In 3 Days

April 13, 2016     Organisation Seasonal

Clean and sweep your way to a fresh new start in 2016

Spring has finally arrived and there’s no better time to clear and deep clean your home than right now. You can tackle the lot in 3 days by following these steps and hacks, then spend plenty of time relaxing before the Summer months. Find out how to effectively spring clean your home below!

For each room, you’ll need one box for storage, one box for donations and one box for recycling items as well as one rubbish bag. 

How to spring clean your home

Top tip: Play some music to motivate your mood!


cardboard boxes for storage


Day one: Declutter each room


Tip: A bathroom can’t be thoroughly cleaned until it is clear

  • Check expiry dates on old medication
  • Dispose of old shower gels and bottles
  • Refill first aid kit


Tip: Before starting, really consider what you need and use in your bedroom

  • Clear out wardrobe
  • Clear out bedside and dressing tables
  • Rotate your mattress


Tip: Declutter a single shelf, drawer or cupboard at a time.

  • Go through fridge, check expiry dates
  • Clear out food cupboards, dispose of old cereals and uneaten foods
  • Declutter any messy drawers by recycling old takeaway menus and receipts

Living room:

Tip: If you’ve got an overwhelming collection of CD’s and DVD’s, purchase a fabric disc case to keep your assortment in one place.

  • Organise DVD’s
  • Recycle old magazines and newspapers
  • Tackle children clutter and pet items
  • Sort items that don’t belong in the living room

Day two: Donate, recycle or store stuff

After sorting your items into piles when decluttering, it’s now time to get them all in the right places, whether that’s the tip, a charity shop or a self-storage unit.

Donate: books, clothes, household furniture, exercise machines, unwanted food to a food bank

Recycle: old paint cans, junk mail, newspapers, magazines, old cards, CD and DVD cases, household batteries, old power cords

Self-storage: Keepsakes that you’ll want at a later date, old photographs, records, children’s school work, toys, off-season clothing, general boxes of items that are taking up too much space, household furniture

Day three: Clean each room

“Tidy surroundings + tidy mind = happiness!”

Top tip: use existing household items as cleaning products when you spring clean your home!

Window cleaner: Mix white vinegar with water for the perfect window and glass cleaner. This solution will also eliminate bad odours and stains.

Furniture/wood polish: Blend lemon juice with olive oil to shine wood surfaces perfectly. Lemon juice also works as a great disinfectant.

Multi-purpose cleaner: Mix white vinegar with lemongrass oil and washing up liquid to produce an effective cleaning spray for all purposes.

Use baking soda for a range of deep cleaning purposes including polishing silver, remove scuff marks on floors and even unclog drains!

Clean and wash curtains, floors, cushion cases, counters, bedding and all surfaces to gain the real clean effect, this will be much easier since the de-clutter on day one

Top tip: Designate washing and clothes to one room! Many people have piles of washing and clothes lying around in random rooms of their home which limits space.

Day four: It’s time to relax!

Take a bubble bath, sit back and admire your hard work. Summer is guaranteed to not be as cluttered and busy with a fresh, tidy, clear and clean home.

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