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How To Pack Fragile Items For Self Storage

January 27, 2017     Packaging Self Storage

Self-storage units are widely used for a number of reasons. Whether you’re moving house and using a temporary unit, transferring offices or you have a fair share of fragile items that you need to store outside of the home, this handy guide will assist you with useful tips so that when you pack fragile items, your belongings are not at risk of damage and will safely sit within the storage unit, whether it’s for temporary or longer-term use.

Materials needed to pack fragile items

how to pack fragile items

Basic packaging materials will not perform adequately to protect delicate items, therefore we have listed the specialised packaging materials that are required to protect such items from damage.

  • Markers
  • Boxes
  • Bubble wrap
  • Dish and glass packers
  • Newspaper or packing paper
  • Packing peanuts
  • Towels or old rags
  • Packing tape

Tips on packing specific fragile items

It’s vital to pack well and conscientiously when dealing with fragile and easily breakable items, and as self-storage experts, we understand exactly how specific items should be packed in order for them to live successfully in a self-storage unit temporarily or permanently.

China and glassware

Wrap each plate, cup, or glass separately in a protective material before placing them into the box. Once you’ve added one item, insert another layer of scrunched up paper or bubble wrap before putting additional items on time. Continue forming the layers until the box is almost full but still comfortable to lift.

When it comes to plates, always be wary of over packing. Crockery is best packed upright with layers of paper or bubble wrap to separate them, but do be aware this can put more pressure on the base of the box.

Top tip: don’t forget to fill glasses, mugs, and cups with scrunched up paper, this will decrease the risk of them breaking while moving from A to B.

pack your fragile items


Special and historical antiques should be treated with extra care. Wrap mirrors and artwork in protective covering; bubble wrap followed by a thick blanket works incredibly well for this kind of item. Boxes specifically designed for large paintings and mirrors can be purchased at packaging supply stores.

How to safely pack breakables together

Once you have securely packaged your fragile items and they’re ready to go, follow these steps to ensure safe packing:

  1. Secure the bottom of your cardboard box by taping all open seams and corners together.
  2. Create a padded base by lining the inside of the box with bubble wrap or packing peanuts.
  3. Individually wrap each item with carefully bubble wrap, packing paper, newspaper or towels. Note that you should add additional material to thin and more fragile areas, for example, stems on wine glass or handles on mugs.
  4. Secure the item with tape.
  5. Cautiously place wrapped items in the box, starting with the heaviest on the bottom and the lighter/smaller items towards the top.
  6. If you have empty space left within the box, fill it with packing peanuts, towels or paper to prevent breakables from moving around.
  7. Add a layer of protective material to the top before you seal the box

Label, label, label!

Use large, bold black or red writing to make it known that your box must be handled with care. You can makeshift these with paper and packing tape, just as long as yourself and others are always aware that your items are fragile.

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