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How to prepare your home for summer

June 27, 2017     Organisation Seasonal Self Storage

Wednesday 21 June marked the official start date of Summer 2017, and the Your Store Exeter team cannot wait for the warmer climes! But while you might be totally ready for the sunny season, your home may not be. Embrace the sunshine and warm weather with our simple tips on how to prepare your home for summer.

prepare your home for summer

Top tips to prepare your home for summer


Open those windows

Oh, what a joy it is to open your windows and not be greeted with a torrent of rain! Take every opportunity to let in the fresh summer air – not only will this keep your home cool, but it will also improve air quality throughout the house.

In addition, plants do wonders in keeping the air clean in the house. Snake plants, spider plants, English ivy and rubber plants are great for improving air quality and they make your home look great too.

Keep it chill

Ice-cold drinks and ice creams are essential during the summer months, so it’s important to make space in your fridge and freezer. Dig out the old grub hiding in the icy chasms of the freezer, and throw away those unused fridge foods.

Summer a great excuse to clean out the fridge/freezer, but if also the perfect time to check that they are both working effectively. Check the manual and consider cleaning the condensing coils. If your fridge/freezer are quite old, now might be the perfect time to invest in a new one!

Let there be light

Don’t miss out on the ample light we receive during summer or the wonderful summer breezes. Give your windows and glass doors a deep clean to ensure light and warmth circulate during the day time.

Now may also be a good time to repair or replace any broken windows, doors and door screens.

Fresh fabrics

It’s time to get the light summer duvets out or invest in a few sheets/fresh bed linen. Lighter fabrics will help to keep you cooler during the summer nights. In addition, some mattresses have winter and summer sides, designed for different temperatures – so give them a flip!

Pop the thinker bedspreads into self storage during the hotter months – you can always switch them back when the summer comes to an end.

Put away the winter wardrobe

Chunky jumpers, gloves, coats and scarves will more than likely not be needed during the summer months. Put these bulky items into self storage and bring out the dresses, shorts and light t-shirts. You’ll feel like you have a whole new wardrobe!

With so much extra space in your closet, you’ll be able to easily see what’s in there and ensure you make the most of all your clothes.

Get out in the garden

During the winter, your garden can easily be forgotten about. Summer is a perfect excuse to replenish and revamp your outdoor space whether you want to create a haven of tranquillity or a space for entertaining guests.

If you’re just looking to spruce it up in a hassle-free way, why not give the garden furniture a scrub, rinse the patio decking, and clean up the BBQ area.

How self storage can help

When considering how best to prepare your home for summer, you may require additional storage space for you winter belongings. At Your Store Exeter, we have helped thousands of homeowners store their extra items in self storage.

Get in touch with us today by emailing info@yourstoreexeter.co.uk, or drop us a line at 01392 253 119. You can also fill out our online enquiry form and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

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