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Tips on Preparing your Home for House Viewings

October 23, 2018     Uncategorized

So, you’ve decided to move to a new house. One of the essential parts of selling your home is to host viewings. Whether you are a family looking to upgrade, a couple looking to move location, or you are a single homeowner looking to downsize, there are some helpful tips and hints out there to prepare your home for potential buyers.

As storage unit experts in Exeter, and now with our new storage in Bridgwater, we have been helping people move the contents of their homes into storage for decades. We know how overwhelming the selling and moving process can be, which is why we’ve put together this guide to help you prepare for home viewings with ease.


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Find adequate storage space

After years of living in a home, you may find that you have collected quite a few items. This can sometimes make a property look cluttered and small, which could give potential buyers the wrong impression about the size of the home. To make your home look as spacious as possible, it might be worth considering putting certain items into a sizeable storage unit. We have a range of storage options that might help you with your selling and moving journey.


Clean and declutter

First impressions count, and an untidy home can make rooms look smaller and less attractive than they actually are. If areas of the property are unclean, this can be off-putting for potential buyers. Now is the perfect opportunity to get rid of those unwanted items – either by throwing them away, taking them to a local charity or tidying them away in cupboards/lofts/drawers. As we mentioned before, any items that you don’t want to part with can be placed in a storage unit for safe keeping.

Under Bed Storage

Let there be light

Natural light is something that potential buyers will focus on during a viewing, whether they do so consciously or subconsciously. Ample light sources can make a house look bigger, but also more comfortable and peaceful. If your home does not produce a large amount of natural light, there are other things you can do to create a well-lit space, for example, making sure all curtains and blinds are open during home viewings, remove items that may block light such as vases and picture frames, and arrange viewings at the lightest parts of the day.


Ensure the outside looks as good as the inside

Again, first impressions really do count, and the outside of the property is something that often gets overlooked when organising house viewings. Make sure the front of the house looks fresh and new, that garden spaces are tidy and mowed, outdoor furniture is clean, and that driveways are swept. Garden areas are a big selling point for some buyers, so you may want to consider adding a few features, potted plants and flowers to these areas to maximise potential.


Don’t leave any odd jobs unfinished

Does a door handle need fixing? A light bulb need replacing? A wall needs painting? Or maybe a crack in the window needs to be looked at? Potential buyers have a keen eye when it comes to unattended home improvements and small details make all the difference.


Depersonalise your space a little

Potential buyers will look at a prospective home as a blank slate – what can they add to the property to make it their own, and with how much ease? Too much of a personal stamp might make it difficult for a buyer to envisage themselves living in the property. There are a few small things you can do to ensure this is not the case – painting walls white, removing wallpaper, and removing a few personal items to give it a new, fresh feel. Take a look at our simple storage hacks to organise your space.

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No space is off limits

A buyer will feel more comfortable if every aspect of the house is open to view. Buyers like to look in cupboards and storage to get a feel for how much space they will have for their own belongings. But these spaces can become quite cluttered over time. Clearing out these areas will enable the viewer to get a better idea of the amount of space they have to play around with and feel confident that nothing is being concealed.  


Storage space for home viewings

If you are looking to move certain items into storage during your home viewings, Your Store Exeter can help find the right space you’re your needs. Get in touch today to find out more about our different storage units, or for some friendly advice about storing your home items in preparation for moving home.

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