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What size self storage unit do I need?

March 14, 2016     Moving house Organisation Packaging Self Storage

Before you rent a self storage unit, you must be fully aware of the size requirements so that you understand exactly what will be kept in the unit and that all will fit securely and safely. Using a self storage unit could be just what you need to de-clutter your home or office, keepsake special items or simply as a temporary solution if you’re moving house.

It’s not simple trying to work out exactly what size unit you may need so at Your Store Exeter, we’ve compiled a simple list of the typical fittings depending on sq ft size. Whether your requirements are for business or personal reasons, refer to our list below to help choose the right size storage unit for you.

Sometimes, there is simply not enough room to store everything that we possess or own, or we may want to keep something special extra secure with no worries.


what size storage unit

Find the best storage solution for you with these sizing tips:

If you are storing for an entire house or just a few items from a particular room, get started with these steps;

  • Make a list of items you plan to store and mark them as large, medium or small to avoid confusion
  • Estimate the number of boxes you will need to store the items

No matter how big or small your storage needs, your items can be kept safe and sound.

36 square foot storage unit:

A 36 sq ft storage unit is generally around the size of an average garden shed and could fit larger pieces of furniture inside it such as a queen-size bed, a dining table and chairs or a number of boxes.

40 square foot storage unit:

Being a little smaller than the size of a transit van, a 40 sq ft garage would commonly hold the contents of half a garage. Items could include a double bed, chairs, a television and other appliances.

64 square foot storage unit:

Perfect for storing the contents of a small two-bed house, a 75 sq ft storage unit could contain a number of appliances including a sofa, a mattress and a book case. This option is particularly useful for house moves to keep your belongings safe and all in one place.

80 square foot storage unit:

Holds the content of 1 and a half transit vans depending on the size of your belongings. This size storage unit could be an ideal solution for a sofa and bicycles, a large number of boxes or the contents of a small office.

160 square foot storage unit:

A 150 sq ft unit can typically hold the contents of three Transit vans or one and a half garages, if you’re moving to or from a large three bedroom house, this size storage unit can hold all the larger items for a house move including large televisions, pianos, tables and sofas as well as large business equipment.

We offer a variety of storage solutions to the Exeter and Devon areas. High quality, steel storage units by Your Store Exeter are completely secure, our range of sizes could be ideal for your requirements. Take a look at our pricing and get in touch if you’d like to book a unit with us today.
Don’t forget to group your boxes by fragility and weight with appropriate labelling!

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