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Resolving clutter stress and depression with self-storage

June 22, 2015     Organisation Self Storage

In recent years several studies have revealed that a cluttered home or workplace can significantly increase depression, anxiety and stress but few people realise that clutter is often the source of these feelings. Clutter can even lead to people putting on extra weight, according to Dawn Buse PhD, an American Health Psychologist from the Montefiore Medical Centre in New York.

long term storage warehouse garagesHow does clutter lead to stress and depression?

Primarily our minds are bombarded with so many things to see, touch and sometimes smell that we are never calm and settled. We concentrate on the clutter, consciously or subconsciously, instead of focusing on more important things.

If our attention is constantly distracted by clutter and more particularly if we hoard things, ultimately it will come to dominate many aspects of our lives and possibly lead to mental health issues, such as:

1. Feeling that there is so much work to do in clearing the clutter that it is just too much; it may be so overwhelming that a person doesn’t have the energy even to begin sorting it out.

2. Anxiety, because the more clutter collects, the bigger a problem it becomes.

3. Frustration because of the hours spent looking for things such as keys, files or important papers that have become lost in the clutter.

4. The embarrassment if someone arrives that we weren’t expecting; closely followed by guilt because we are so disorganised.

5. Depression that drains our energy or causes us to seek solace in comfort food.

How to deal with stress and mental health issues caused by clutter

In most cases, it really isn’t necessary to involve a doctor, since self-help is more practical and very easy to accomplish. Here are some useful tips on how to de-clutter:

  • Enlist the help of friends or family. It really is true that many hands make light work.
  • Tackle one room in your home at a time.
  • Throw away things that aren’t useful or necessary.
  • Pack items that you seldom use but want to keep in boxes.

Some people worry that their living or office space is just not sufficient to house all their possessions and this is often the case, particularly if a business grows rapidly or someone constantly buys new things or collects old ones.

Self-storage to the rescue

If your business needs to archive files and retain them for long periods, rather than have them clutter your office space why not put them in storage? Affordable self-storage facilities are now available in most cities and large towns and they are considerably more secure than renting a lock up.

Having de-cluttered your home, if there are a lot of items that you really can’t part with but don’t have the space to store them, check out self-storage facilities in your area. Competitively priced, you may be surprised how little it costs. Not only are your possessions safe but you also have access to them whenever you wish.

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