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Furniture Fads

April 25, 2018     News

Furniture moves in waves. Whatever is the must-have one day, may well be must-not the next. It’s an inherently unpredictable entity and that’s why find it interesting so. Obviously, however, this does mean a lot of people really buy into fads, only to find they’re really not fans of the piece in the coming days. And what do they do? They store it. Some of the items we see coming into our self storage units are quite honestly, for lack of a better word, hideous.

Animal Rugs

A devilishly 80s item, animal rugs donned most lounges back when the radio was mostly Kenny Rogers and The Police. Then the 90s came, and they were, well- they were different. Animal rugs were deemed garish, lurid, and considered bad taste. The result of this shift in taste? They were removed from lounges and placed in self storage units, including ours.

Net Curtains

Like animal rugs, net curtains were a hugely popular choice for quite a long while. Mostly in the 90s, however before too, people bought these things like crazy, thinking a room wasn’t a room until it had net curtains the same way a stockbroker isn’t a broker until he closes a deal. We see a great deal of these.

Wicker Furniture

What comes to mind? The films or the forgotten furniture? Wicker was once a very popular furniture choice. It was also, according to Hollywood, a very scary thing to burn a human inside. Either way, it was and now no longer is in both regards. Wicker’s time came to an end and we began seeing it daily.

Built-in Bar

Only Fools and Horses are to blame for this one. They got everyone around the country thinking a stay-at-home bar was a good idea. What an atrocity. It, quite simply, isn’t a good idea. Many very quickly found a bar/pub without the social experience, isn’t quite the same and just betters the chance of a head-first dive into alcoholism. Plus they’re mostly an eyesore. We see these guys all the time.

home bar self storage

Portrait Plates

Portrait plates, considered popular by some, mostly those on daytime television, aren’t really all that popular anymore. They were once the noise and they are now not. We think it’s because people, and this may be a bit wild of a claim, don’t like to eat food of other people’s faces. We see these a lot; always wrapped in distinctly fragile marked boxes. We recommend putting them in the non-fragile boxes because unless you’re on BBC at 2 pm, you’re never going to have a use for these.

Your Store Exeter – Self Storage

One of the perks of this job is we get to find humour in seeing these passed trends occupying our self storage units. Have you got any of these? Are they taking up space that could be better used otherwise? If so, give us a call. Here are our prices. A clutter-free house could be much, much closer than you think.

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