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Why Self Storage For Business Makes Sense

May 3, 2016     Self Storage

Storage units are constantly growing their uses and are now widely used for a range of business purposes. Self storage of business can be beneficial for a number of reasons, whether you’re looking to run a repair shop or you’re seeking cost-effective professional office space.

Read on to find out exactly how your business could benefit from a secure self-storage unit…

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Using self-storage for business could be the perfect solution

Business owners can face a number of challenges. Over 2015, 5.4 million private sector businesses were running in the UK – small and medium enterprises are continually growing and self storage offers alternative solutions to messy, stacked up desks and expensive office rentals.

Office and workspace are two of the most common money wasters when it comes to business. People across the UK are using units for more than just storage. According to the UK Self Storage Association, there are now more than 400 companies using self storage facilities for business purposes.

“Small and medium sized enterprises make up 60% of the private sector.”

Running a business from a self storage unit is a cheap way to operate, whether you’re a start-up wanting to store stock securely or you’re looking to run a small martial arts class.

Store your company stock

Self storage is a handy way in which you can organise your business by using the space for equipment to free up valuable office space.

Whether your business is expanding, overstocked or you’re renovating your workspace and need a temporary solution for protecting your equipment – reducing office mess increases productivity and simplifies day-to-day tasks by only working with what you need.

Run your business from a storage unit

If you’re managing a small business, a self storage unit could be the answer to your problems.  The great thing is, you’re not restricted on size therefore as the company grows, you can upgrade to a larger unit if necessary. The market for storage units is continually growing as more entrepreneurs discover that storage units are a convenient and cost-effective place to keep their stock.

If you’re running an online retail business, stock taking over your home can become an issue. You can relax by placing your stock in a safe, secure unit in an organised fashion.

Discover options, regardless of your business size

At Your Store Exeter, we hold a range of storage unit sizes for personal and business purposes. Whether you’re a mail order company or you’d like to start a small local gym.

Take a look at our optional sizing storage units here.

No business rates with self-storage

There’s no worry of paying council tax with self-storage units. You’ll pay only VAT, and if you’re registered – this can be claimed back.

Businesses that commonly use self-storage

  • Online retailers
  • Companies looking to renovate their office seeking temporary storage
  • Construction companies for material storage
  • Martial arts
  • Mail order companies
  • Repair shops
  • eBay Sellers
  • Pop-up shops

Self storage for your business can also be a temporary solution if you’re moving offices.

Transferring equipment from one space to another can be a stressful time. Self storage units are very popular when it comes to securing equipment such as computers, desks and files while preparation for the new space takes place.

“There are around 1,000 sites in the UK providing more than 30 million sq ft of storage space.”

Protect your items with full security

Self storage units differ from retail premises and home options as they tend to offer a higher position of security with CCTV and other surveillance technology to ensure maximum protection of business items.
So, there you have it. If you’re thinking of starting a business or you require company storage solutions, please get in touch a member of our team, we’re a knowledgeable and trusted storage company based in Exeter.

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