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Self storage security explained

February 3, 2015     Security Self Storage

One of your primary concerns when deciding to use self-storage is likely to be how you can keep your belongings safe. It is essential that you are confident that once your goods are stored, the only person who will access them is you. This is not only a concern of our customers but is also of the utmost importance to us here at Your Store Exeter. To keep your prized possessions 100% safe at all times, we offer a sophisticated self storage security procedure, so that when the time comes to take back your stored items, they are as good as new.

We believe that, for you to feel certain that your items are being stored safely, we need to tell you as much as possible about our self storage security systems. So, here is how it all works.

self storage security using a padlock and key

Self storage security in Exeter

Our site is utterly secure. Completely enclosed with anti-climb fencing and electronically operated gates, it is impenetrable to would-be thieves. Our site is also entirely alarmed, so that even if an intruder were to break in, our staff, management and the police services would be immediately alerted. CCTV around the exterior of the site and within it further deter trespassers, and our highly trained security staff are on hand to offer any help if needed.

Uniquely coded units for your access only

Of course, it’s not just the secure site itself which prevents unauthorised individuals from accessing goods. Each storage unit itself is completely inaccessible to anyone without a key. They are all high-quality steel containers, and each has a uniquely coded proximity key fob. This ensures that only authorised people are able to gain entry to the unit, but also allows customers to come and go as they need, accessing their belongings with ease.

Anti-theft packing systems

You will find that, even within your storage unit, your belongings will be completely safe. Every unit is secured with a 4 lever high locking mechanism to prevent theft, and even have specialist anti-tamper locking boxes fitted. This means that from the moment you lock your unit to the moment you access it again, it will be absolutely secured, along with the contents within it.

With all of these tried-and-tested measures, you can rest assured that your belongings will be safe at all times with Your Store Exeter. We are always welcome to queries and comments, so if you would like to find out more about why your goods are safest with us, then please feel free to contact us on 01392 253119 or enquire about prices and reserve here.

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