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Your Store Exeter’s top 10 student storage hacks

September 29, 2017     Uncategorized

If you’re just starting uni, chances are you’ll be staying in dorms and joining the rest of the freshers for a fun and hopefully educational year of student life! But dorm rooms can sometimes be rather compact – if you’re used to a lot of room, you may find it a struggle to allocate space for all of your belongings. Fear not, because we have some handy student storage hacks to help you make the most of your small living quarters.

At Your Store Exeter, we’ve been helping the students of Exeter University and further afield prepare for uni life with our safe and secure self-storage units for many years. As a specialist Exeter self-storage facility, we are well-positioned to give students advice and information about how to successfully store their belongings. We hope you find the below tips and hints useful:

Our favourite student storage hacks


10. Magazine holders hold much more!

Magazine holders are a great investment. Not only do they provide a compact space for your reading material, but you can put just about anything inside them. Hair products, straighteners/curling irons, stationary, letters and files, snacks, etc.

Magazine Rack Storage

9. Paperclip prep

Use paperclips to keep messy wires and cables in place. These will help keep your room tidy, but also enable you to find the wire you are looking for quickly and without having to untangle it. For something a little more fun, use lego and lego people to keep your wires intact, as we previously mentioned in our home organisation hacks blog a while back!

Paper Clip Prep

8. What lies beneath..the bed!

Take a look under the bed. Nothing there right? Exactly! Fill that empty space with your belongings and personal items, and watch as you instantly create more room in your dormitory. Extra bedding, shoes, musical or sporting equipment, suitcases can all be placed here. You can even invest in some boxes or plastic containers to ensure your items don’t get dusty.

Under Bed Storage

7. Hanging Storages of Uni Dorm

Forget the floordrobe. Hanging drawers are an actual thing, and they are darn useful. Perfect for hanging in the wardrobe, these nifty accessories offer ample storage space for your towels, bedding, clothes, shoes – basically anything that isn’t too heavy. They are also a great alternative to bulky wardrobes that may quickly take up a lot of space.

Hanging Storages of Uni Dorm

6. Takeaway containers can stay

Takeaways have been synonymous with student living for many years. Pizzas, curries, Chinese, Thai – whatever takes your fancy, there’s nothing better than getting together with new friends and sharing a tasty meal. But don’t forget to wash and save your takeaway containers – these make excellent storage vessels for food items and well, just about anything.

Storage Container Use

5. Bedside bliss

Chunky bedside tables do little for creating storage in a small dorm room – but bedside shelves do! Using a shelving unit, which also doubles up as a bedside table, will give you additional space to keep your belongings – heck, you can even keep your microwave or mini fridge in it.

Bedside Storage

4. The best things come in small packages

We thought origami was an intricate skill. That was until we heard of konmari folding! But learn how to master this delicate art and you’ll save yourself tons of space. This method of folding clothes will ensure you totally utilise the spaces in your drawers and wardrobe by keeping them small and compact.

Save Room

3. Pinboard wizard

Pinboards are just wonderful! Stick all of your important documents, a calendar, your to-do lists, pictures of friends and family (and pets!), posters and inspirational quotes, uni timetables….and it’s all there with just a sweeping glance! No more rummaging through drawers and piles of papers to find out what time your class is tomorrow.

Pinboard Wizard

2.Be victorious with velcro

Use velcro ribbons to attach controllers and remotes without damaging the walls. This inspiring solution allows you to keep your goods safe whilst storing them away efficiently when not in use. What is more, you can remove them easily when you come to the end of your stay.

Velcro Storage

1.Shoe organisers for your supplies

Shoe organisers hang nicely and effortlessly on the back of doors, allowing you to keep essentials hidden away. Whether you choose to fill them with cleaning products, toilet rolls, makeup and hair products, paper and pens, or – amazingly, your shoes! – these make a great space saver.

Shoe Organiser, Son

Need more storage for your belongings?

No problem! Your Store Exeter provides all different sized self-storage units at a range of prices to suit your budget. For those larger items that just won’t fit, or for those items, you want close by but just can’t store away, Exeter self-storage provides a wonderful solution to your storage needs.

Contact us today for more information and advice. Call us 01392 253119 or fill out our online request form and we’ll get back to you shortly.

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