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Have An Easy Summer; Use Your Store, Students!

May 22, 2018     News

Life as a student can be tough; anxiety over exams; money woes; jumping between locations. Whilst it’s true you get a lot of flack on TV and in most everyday conversations, as people who have been students, we know how tough it can get for you lot. One situation that induced the worst of feelings for us when we were students was when our housing contract was up just before summer which left us without student storage space over the summer. A disaster. The situation was a real nightmare and involved some people in our team needing to do several trips back and forth from home to Liverpool. As storage specialists, we don’t want this to happen to you.

It’s a situation most of us here have felt and therefore one we don’t the students of Exeter feeling, simply because we know just how taxing it can be. And that’s why we treat students so well! With us, you can get cheap and secure student storage, all with a smile on your and our faces, too.

Ease Over the Summer

Summer is a time for fun. The sun will shine and so will you. Your daily worries will be what meat to barbeque and where to sunbathe, not what’s happening with all your stuff back at your university city. You don’t need those worries. They’re undesirable, to say the least. With us, you don’t need them. We can ensure you a relaxed summer, where time flies and memories are made.

Student Storage Exeter


This all sounds great and all, but what’s the cost? I’m a student – I don’t have much money. We’re sure are your thoughts at this moment; valid, too. Valid indeed. However, we have the cheapest Exeter student storage prices in the UK! So money, although we’re sure is a usual anxiety of us, need not be with us.

Secure, and You Can Cancel As Soon As Your Back

Secure over the summer and cancel as soon as you get back with our rolling contract. Look, there are no catches. Your Store, student storage, and of course the students themselves are an organic marrying. We’re not looking to catch you out, it just makes sense. The arrangement was written in the stars. It helps us and helps you. Why not, is what we say!

Your Store Exeter – Student Storage Exeter

This summer, don’t fall into the unnecessary anxieties that are felt by students annually. Separate yourself; live stress-free with the best student storage around. If you’re interested, give us a call. Here’s a list of our unit sizes and their corresponding prices. We look forward to giving you the best summer yet!

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