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5 TV Shows & Films With Captivating Self Storage Moments

July 6, 2019     Self Storage

Our hard-working Exeter storage team love to unwind with a film! You may not think that storage units provide a thrilling film location, or even realise that a scene you’re watching has been set in a storage unit, but self storage spaces have actually appeared in several hit tv shows/films. Here, we bring you five of the stand out scenes, as decided by our Exeter self storage team.

While we haven’t come across any mainstream films that use storage in Exeter as a feature of the film, we’re always open to pioneering change in that regard and welcome any enquiries from Hollywood! We have compiled a list of five films/tv shows that include entertaining moments at self storage facilities.


Skyfall – Bond and his Personal Storage Frenzy

There’s becoming a link between James Bond films and storage units. We previously highlighted the fact that Bond’s Lotus Esprit submarine vehicle, from the 1977 film ‘The Spy Who Loved Me’, was found in storage, in our blog post A History of Rare Storage Discoveries. In Skyfall, Bond visits a personal storage unit to take out his iconic Aston Martin DB5.

The vehicle was used in Goldfinger in 1964; meaning the pristine, highly sought after car was kept safe in storage for 55 years. It looks like we’ve finally got some competition as the most secure self storage operator! This isn’t the only occasion that we see Bond dip into a personal storage unit during the 2012 film, as he and Kincade (Albert Finney) delve into a mammoth arsenal of dynamite and guns from their on-site storage facility on the Skyfall estate.


Silence of the Lambs

The rise of storage units has been unmistakable over the past few decades, and the industry continues to expand at a rate of knots. Some 30 years ago, it wasn’t even the slightest bit as usual to use self storage facilities to store personal items, that’s why it’s somewhat surprising to see a unit feature in 90’s classic Silence of the Lambs. Storage plays a fundamental part in the 1991 film’s narrative, as an aspiring, young FBI trainee attempts to decode an enigmatic message issued by Dr Hannibal Lecter.

During the psychological thriller, eery serial killer Lecter instructs his understudy to “look deep inside yourself” while referencing a self storage unit that he has rented from fictional operator ‘Your Self’. The trainee makes a hair-raising discovery – a hearse draped in the American flag and a large number of mannequins strewn among other harrowing objects.


Breaking Bad – Questionable Business Storage

Hugely popular ABC show Breaking Bad features a self storage reveal of giant proportions, while the contents of the storage unit fills the wildest dreams of storage owners and hunters worldwide.

When Skylar pulls down the shutter of a storage unit and unveils heaps of cash, the enormity of Walter’s illegal activities is captured in full. Those who have seen the series will know Walter, a chemistry teacher who looks to provide for his family after learning about developed lung cancer, enters into a life of drugs and crime.

The skilled chemist soon discovers that his profession has taught him a particular set of skills that will make him incredibly rich. Of course, there’s no way that a car wash could masquerade as a front to that amount of cold, hard cash – that’s what we call badly breaking business storage rules.

Disclaimer – Your Store Exeter does not condone or tolerate money laundering, or any other criminal activity at our Marsh Barton site.


Only Fools and Horses

Antique Watch

Yet another moment of comedy gold is triggered from this classic British sitcom, when infamous duo Del Boy and Rodney unearth an antique pocket watch in an old storage unit. The 1996 Christmas special, ‘Time on our Hands’ sees the unlikely lads secure a fortune of millions after selling the precious watch.

There’s no prizes for guessing that the money ends up down the drain, so to speak, in no time and the mischievous are left seeking another day in the sun. Although the odd chance arrives here and there in future episodes, another does not arise from a miraculous self storage discovery.


How I Met Your Mother


A story of friendship, love, loyalty and lifestyle choices, How I Met Your Mother follows a group of six friends on their path to settling down as the protagonist, Ted Mosby, relays each and every detail of the journey to his two children.

In the first episode of Season eight – ‘Farhampton’ – a storage unit plays host to a tender moment in the crestfallen love story of Barney and Robin. Robin voices her discontent at the lack of sensitivity shown by Barney during their breakup, as he insists that he threw all of her possessions away. However, it comes to light that the notorious player, famed for the phrase ‘suit up’, actually rented a self storage unit for the sole use of storing Robin’s items.


Require Storage in Exeter?

Our low cost and easily accessible Exeter storage units have not provided a backdrop for a hit film/tv show just yet, but they guarantee a secure, dry place for renters to leave goods to any value. We have a list of different sized units, discover the different options and view our self storage prices today. Please don’t hesitate to contact our team to learn more about our services or to arrange renting out one of our storage units in Exeter today.

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