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The Do’s and Don’ts of Self Storage in Exeter

August 3, 2019     News Organisation Self Storage

We’ve defined a list of common pitfalls and necessary precautions to take to help you get the most out of your storage experience. We make self storage in Exeter inexpensive and hassle free with our industry knowledge and experience of witnessing the good and bad. We’ll take you through the factors that will contribute to making storage work for you. 


Do Take an Inventory

Creating an inventory of the items you wish to store with us is helpful for two reasons, the first; it allows you to determine exactly what size unit you require. It also enables you to be organised once you have all your items in storage and to find a possession efficiently when renting to your unit. 


Do Pack Your Possessions Strategically 

We give you the flexibility to access your Exeter storage unit throughout the day and early night with our generous opening hours, but you want to waste time scanning your space for that one item you need. Categorising your items methodically and placing them in designated places can help reduce the time spent filtering through possessions. Instead of piling things across the floor space, consider storing items vertically for better planning. 


Do Purchase Insurance 

Despite our site being fitted with CCTV as well as being 100% alarmed, we always suggest that our renters take out insurance. It’s good practice to ensure your items just in case you’re in a rush when storing items and damage goods, for example. Head to our homepage to get a quote from us today. 


Please note: we only provide insurance on units that the value of items within exceeds £1,000. 

self storage insurance

Don’t Hesitate in Determining Availability/Suitability

There are several factors to account for when deciphering the storage unit suitable for your needs; price, size and practicality included. Our self storage prices are always low and each of our units, regardless of its size, is easily accessible. If you hesitate in booking your storage unit, however, you may find that you’re unable to rent the appropriate size for you for the period that you require. 

It is beneficial to plan ahead rather than chancing availability at the very last minute. Plus, it helps us prepare for your arrival and to put everything in place to accommodate your every need. We provide packaging materials and assistance unloading or loading your goods. Talk to our Exeter self storage team about personal and business storage availability today and get the most appropriate storage unit option at the best price. 


Don’t Share Your Access Code

Unless you really trust someone to retrieve an item for you, don’t give your keys or unique security access code to anyone. Storage items can have a lot of value for people that don’t have the right to access them. We ensure our part of the deal with the implementation of various security measures, and we hope you will too. Your items are yours and who has access to them should be up to you! 


Don’t Store Perishable Goods

Be sure not to store and items that could rot, mould or easily deteriorate. Perishable items not only leave terrible smells, but can attract bugs and other rodents that can damage your items. Possessions that are susceptible to infestations can also spoil unruined items in your storage unit. Speak to our friendly management and assistance team if you have any queries on what constitutes a perishable item.


Useful, Helpful Storage in Devon

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At Your Store Exeter, we are committed to providing the best service possible. All of our units are clean, dry and get checked thoroughly after every handover. We would love to welcome you to our storage facility soon. In the meantime, if you have any questions for us, please don’t hesitate to contact us today.

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